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Chapter Member Management

Thank you for the work you do as a Chapter Faculty Advisor! We hope that you find CSI’s online Member Management System convenient to approve new members for your chapters and to access your chapter membership lists.


CFAs can access the Member Management System by logging into their chapter’s membership profile, using the chapter username and password provided by CSI Headquarters. (Note: CFAs logged into their personal membership profiles cannot access the Member Management System.) CFAs should ensure that their chapter's username and password is shared with any new/incoming CFAs to ensure continuity in approving new chapter members when CFA changes occur.


Only CFAs should have and use the chapter username and password. This information should not be given to students, administrative assistants, or anyone other than CFAs who have been approved by CSI Headquarters. Improper use of chapter usernames and passwords will be considered a policy violation and may result in sanction as determined by the CSI Executive Council. Chapter usernames and passwords cannot be changed by CFAs or chapter leadership.


CFAs may log into their chapter’s profile and access the Member Management System by following these steps:

1.  Visit CSI’s homepage:

2.  In the Sign In area at the top right of the page, enter the chapter username and chapter password.

3.  After logging into the chapter profile, hover a cursor over the "CFAs" menu link on the left side of the page, and click on the "CFA Admin" sublink that appears to enter the online Member Management System.


Within the Member Management System, CFAs can access:

Member Processing

Enter the Member Processing area to see all new members who have applied to join CSI through your chapter, approve or decline member applicants, view new members who are waiting to be initiated, and enter your chapter's initiation date.

New Member Processing Information

This section contains detailed information for approving new members and entering your chapter initiation dates. Carefully read and follow the instructions, and you’ll be able to use the system easily!

Chapter Membership Lists

In this area, click the “Export List to CSV” button to view and export a downloadable CSV file containing all your chapter members. When viewing a chapter membership list, note the “expiration date” column to see which members are active (renewed members) and inactive (expired, non-renewed members).

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