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CSI Policy: Chapter Websites
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Chi Sigma Iota encourages the use of chapter groups at in place of chapter websites to disseminate helpful information to members. When CSI transitioned to a website that offered interactive chapter groupsites, the Society phased out the use of individual chapter websites outside of

Chapter Group Resources

The resources at offer chapter members an interactive experience through chapter groups including a variety of features including:

  • Showcase your chapter – although only approved members may post to your chapter group, other CSI members and prospective members (with a guest account) may view your group to see what you are up to. You can also get great ideas from other chapters as well.
  • Integrated within – CSI members can access your chapter group and all of CSI’s resources with a single login. It is also easier to network with other chapters and leaders through the state and region groups; this can be great for multi-chapter events!
  • Stay current with your chapter members – all CSI members belong to a chapter group making it easy for group administrators to contact all active chapter group members at once.
  • Custom group webpages – just like a chapter website, these offer the ability to add a variety of custom webpages for announcements, leadership directories, chapter documents, newsletters, and more. The custom pages can also be set to a wiki mode allowing group members to edit the page without group administrator access (great for committee collaboration). Additional features can also be enabled including a share/bookmark widget and page voting (5 stars).
  • Blogs & Forums – these offer another way for group members to interact with each other, collaborate, and share new ideas. Members can upload an image, file, or video with their posts and choose to subscribe to updates from posts they wish to follow.
  • Photo Gallery – a fun way to showcase your chapter members and activities. All group members can upload photos to an album so it makes it easy for any member to share the memories and maintain a visual record of past events.
  • Calendar –an easy-to-use calendar to create dates and events. Dates appear as information (e.g., holidays) and events offer more functionality like more detailed descriptions, online registrations, RSVPs, and online check-in.
  • Group Directory – members can find other members of their chapter and message them directly. This can be one way for chapters to reach out to alumni members who still remain active CSI members or reconnect with a colleague from another chapter you met at a conference or CSI event.
  • Resource Directory – each chapter group has a file manager where chapter documents can be upload and stored. These documents can be linked on a webpage for member access or maintained privately by the group administrators on the back-end; the directory may also be used as a file archive.
  • Multiple group administrators – the Chapter Faculty Advisor will always have administrative access over the group. However, up to two chapter leaders may be granted access by the CFA to develop and maintain the group site.
  • Group Reps – identify the points of contact for a group including the Chapter Faculty Advisor and Group Admin. They can be listed on your group page to identify key chapter leaders and offer an easy way for members to contact them.
  • User-friendly website address – all chapter groups can be accessed through the Groups link on the left menu, and the groups in which you are a member are accessible through the Groups link on the right menu after you log in. In addition, all chapter groups have an easy website address for posting the link offsite. For example, it will look like (e.g.,
  • Website Tutorials for group members and administrators - the tutorials describe the group features and how to effectively use them.

Chapter Website Transition to CSI Chapter Groups

The 2010 chapter website policy change required all unapproved chapter websites to be deleted by April 2013. Maintaining a chapter website outside of will result in a loss of chapter rebates until the issue is resolved and may result in a chapter's deactivation. Information about a CSI chapter can be included on a department website as long as the information is brief and includes a link directing visitors to the more detailed groupsite at

Requirements for Chapter Groups at

Chapters are encouraged to refer to for the most updated information including membership criteria, grants, awards, etc… and use the chapter group for chapter-specific resources. In addition, the following guidelines apply for the administration of chapter groups:

  1. The CSI logo is trademarked. It may only be used as presented and not altered in any way. Chapters may review the chapter logo policy and request a chapter logo for use on chapter newsletters, stationary, emails, etc… Your chapter group and all the contents included (e.g., newsletters, event posters) must comply with the logo trademark guidelines.
  2. All chapter materials and correspondence outside of must include first the name of the local chapter followed by "Chi Sigma Iota” (e.g., "Alpha Chapter of Chi Sigma Iota”). Listing only Chi Sigma Iota is not acceptable, as this creates confusion between chapter and CSI International materials.
  3. Membership criteria, bylaws, and other items must be consistent with those of CSI, International. An approved set of chapter bylaws is linked on each chapter group's front page.
  4. Chapter groups have been set up with a standard template for their group homepage. That template, font size and color, and information should remain unchanged. Additional custom pages may be created to add announcements and other resources and those may be linked on the homepage.
  5. The chapter group must maintain updated information including current chapter faculty advisors, leaders, program, and contact information.
  6. All photos on the website must be professional and represent the chapter and CSI appropriately. The group administrator should remove any inappropriate photos.

Technical Assistance with Chapter Groups

If you would like assistance with developing your chapter groupsite, please contact Dr. Stephen Kennedy, CSI Chief Operating Officer, at

Adopted Chi Sigma Iota, June 15, 2013; Updated October 25, 2018.

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