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Volunteer Leadership Structure
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Elected Leadership

Chi Sigma Iota's Executive Council is comprised of the four elected officers and other appointed positions. The elected officers include the following positions:

  • President
  • President-Elect
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer


CSI currently has three main publications, the Exemplar, the Journal of Counselor Leadership and Advocacy (JCLA), and the website.

The Journal of Counselor Leadership and Advocacy (JCLA)

The Journal of Counselor Leadership & Advocacy (JCLA) provides professional counselors, counselor educators, and counseling students with research and evidence-based recommendations in topics that promote scholarship, research, professionalism, leadership, advocacy, and excellence in counseling.The JCLA editorial staff and board review articles for publication.

The Exemplar

The Exemplar is the flagship publication of Chi Sigma Iota. It includes feature articles on topics such as leadership, research, and clinical practice in counseling, and highlights the activities of CSI chapters and members. The Exemplar staff include an Editor and Associate Editors who solicit and review articles for publication. is Chi Sigma Iota’s presence on the world wide web. CSI Headquarters staff maintain the website to provide current, relevant, easy to access, and useful information for our members through our regular web features. is a CSI server which provides chapters space to host their chapter websites as well as a sample chapter website and user manuals to guide chapters in development and maintaining their websites. The CSI Headquarters staff create sample templates for each chapter. Each chapter designates a Web Master to edit content and maintain the updated chapter website in compliance with the CSI Chapter Internet Presence Policy. Editors

Editors are appointed for a three year term and volunteer their services to develop the following aspects of

  • Counselors' Bookshelf
  • Editorial reviewers are periodically solicited to review materials for one or more of these web features and serve as members of CSI Editorial Review Boards. Visit the CSI Volunteer Opportunities page for details.


CSI has a number of committees that function from year to year to implement our strategic plan and provide programs and support for members, chapters and leaders, including Chapter Faculty Advisors. Committee chairs are appointed by the President and serve for a three year term. Committee members serve terms as needed to complete goals and special projects of the committee.

CSI also appoints special task forces as needed to address our mission and strategic planning goals. These special committees typically serve for one year, or until their charge has been met.

Descriptions of each committee and its central mission are provided below. Annual goals and activities of each committee will vary. To obtain information about current committee activities, please contact the Committee Chair. Contact information is provided in the Directory of Leaders.

All committee members are volunteers. CSI members wishing to serve on a committee should review the CSI Volunteer Opportunities page for details and submit the online Volunteer Interest form.

Awards Committee

The Awards Committee oversees all aspects of CSI International awards, including developing nomination and selection criteria and procedures, reviewing nominations, and selecting annual recipients. The Committee may recommend new awards and nomination and selection procedures. The Committee is responsible for the annual Awards Ceremony and presentations of awards to recipients, and for providing support to chapters in the development and implementation of chapter awards programs.

Chapter Development Committee

The Chapter Development Committee is charged with helping to develop, promote, and enhance CSI Chapters. The Committee communicates with chapters and provides training for chapter leaders on CSI Day. Each year the committee targets specific areas of chapter activities for training and support.

Chapter Faculty Advisors Committee

The Chapter Faculty Advisors (CFA) Committee was created to help faculty advisors implement their multiple roles successfully. The Committee provides assistance, support, and training as needed to CSI Chapter Faculty Advisors and serves as the contact point for information for new CFAs. This committee also coordinates the meetings and training of CSI Chapter Faculty Advisors at conferences of the American Counseling Association and the Association for Counselor Education and Supervision.

Counselor Community Engagement Committee

The Counselor Community Engagement Committee's mission is to emphasize and promote visibility for professional counselors as volunteers, advocates, educators, and responders in service to others. Community projects embody the servant leader philosophy as described in CSI's Position Paper on Leadership and CSI's mission statement in order to guide chapters in determining projects that fit the servant leadership goal.

Excellence in Counseling Research Grants Committee

The Excellence in Counseling Research Grants Committee is responsible for establishing criteria for CSI's research grants, soliciting grant applications, and selecting annual grant recipients. The Committee provides recognition for grant recipients at the annual convention and recommends policies and funding priorities to the CSI Executive Council, which establishes funding priorities on an annual basis consistent with the CSI Strategic Plan and mission.

Leadership and Professional Advocacy Committee

The Leadership & Professional Advocacy Committee promotes advocacy and leadership development among CSI chapter leaders and members using the CSI Principles and Practices of Leadership Excellence, Greenleaf’s (2008) servant leader philosophy, and the CSI leader-endorsed Advocacy Themes. Primarily, we (a) facilitate the joint CSI and CACREP leadership essay contest, (b) conduct Heroes and Heroines interviews and Professional Advocacy Agent Interviews, (c) develop structured leadership development activities (grounded in the PPLEs) for CSI Chapters, (d) support CACREP's Advocacy Week, and (e) develop new knowledge regarding leadership development through intentional research.

The Leadership Fellow and Intern (LFI) Selection and Mentoring Committee

The Leadership Fellow and Intern (LFI) Selection and Mentoring Committee solicits nominations for the CSI Leadership Fellowships, selects the annual recipients, and identifies two Leadership Fellows from among the Leadership Interns. This committee is responsible for initial orientation and training of selected LFIs and pairing of LFIs with mentors.

Nominations and Elections Committee

The Nominations and Elections Committee solicits nominations for elective offices (CSI Executive Council), reviews nominations, and prepares a slate of nominees for the annual elections.

Professional Member Committee

The Professional Member Committee was developed to identify and address the needs of professional members in a proactive manner. The Committee has developed the Professional Counselor’s Corner at to provide a source of information and networking for professional members, including alumni and life members.

Strategic Planning Committee

The purpose of the Strategic Planning Committee is to help the leadership of Chi Sigma Iota determine the current and future relevance of its mission, identity, fundamental purposes, and goals. This committee is implemented on a scheduled basis. It functions for three years to develop a new strategic plan. After 5 years, a new committee is formed.

CSI Task Forces

CSI periodically establishes task forces to address issues identified through the strategic planning process and Executive Council discussions.