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CSI Policy: Social Networking Sites
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Social networking has become a common practice and is a way for individuals and groups with similar interests to maintain contact, share ideas and information, and network for a variety of personal and professional activities. CSI supports four social networking sites and encourages chapters and members to:

Complete a Review Rubric and Gain Approval for Your Chapter Site

This social networking sites rubric must be completed by chapters creating social networking sites, which includes accounts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. Other types of social networking sites may be acceptable, but please contact Dr. Stephen Kennedy, CSI's Chief Operating Officer, at before using a different program to create your site.

If a chapter has a previously approved site in one of these categories (e.g. Facebook), please note that the earlier site must be deleted before a new site of the same type can be created. Links to all previously approved sites are available in your chapter's profile.

To gain final approval of a new site, please fill out the appropriate Chapter Social Networking Site Review Rubric below:

If you have any questions, you may contact

Once your site is approved, a link to your social networking site can be added to your chapter groupsite.

Policy Statement

CSI chapters may choose to develop social networking sites for their local chapters on one or both of these sites. Social networking sites must be consistent with the following CSI Bylaws and policies and developed only with the prior knowledge and approval of the Chapter Faculty Advisor.

Specific attention should be given to the following:

  • The CSI logo and related identification are U.S. government registered trademarks. Chapters wishing to use the name and logo on a Facebook or any other internet site other than a chapter web page must request approval from CSI using the Request to Use CSI Logo Form. On the form, chapters may request to use one of the CSI Chapter logos and/or a chapter banner which includes the logo, chapter name, and indication of CSI's membership in the Association of College Honor Societies.

  • Only members or prospective members of CSI may be included in the social networking site. Therefore, the site should be "closed." For example, Facebook users must request to join and be approved by the site administrator. Chapters may choose to include prospective members, including new students, in the group to help them learn about CSI.

  • Chapters should encourage group members to maintain active membership in CSI and may by their choice limit access only to active members of the chapter and CSI.

  • The title of the Social Networking site must include first the name of the local chapter followed by "Chi Sigma Iota” i.e "Alpha Chapter of Chi Sigma Iota.” Listing sites as Chi Sigma Iota is not acceptable, as this creates confusion between chapter sites and the CSI International site.

  • The social networking site must include a link to the Chi Sigma Iota home page: For Facebook sites, a link to the CSI Facebook page, XXX, must be included:

  • The description of the Social Networking site must accurately represent CSI in all aspects including the following text:

    A group for members of the XXX Chapter of Chi Sigma Iota, "the counseling academic and professional honor society international," at XXX University. This will be a place for us to post events and share information regarding XXX Chapter of Chi Sigma Iota activities and counseling in general. Chi Sigma Iota International is not responsible for the content of this site."

  • CSI must be identified as a professional organization on Facebook and other Social networking sites.

  • Facebook prohibits using a personal profile to represent a professional organization. Chapters with a Facebook site should abide by this policy and create a Facebook Group.

  • Chapters making a Facebook Group should select "Organization" as the type and "Professional Organization" as the subtype; other social networking sites should make similar designations. For Facebook groups created in 2011 and after, selecting a subtype is no longer possible.

  • Some universities have a "Groups for Schools” site on Facebook that includes groups created by student associations. "Groups for Schools” require a university email address and alumni members of the chapter will be unable to join, so a chapter’s Facebook group should not be set up within the university’s "Groups for Schools” site.

  • Facebook Pages (also known as "Like” pages) cannot be restricted to chapter members. Groups and Pages offer most of the same features, so chapters with an existing Facebook Page should transfer the material on their current site to a new Facebook Group.

  • Chapter Faculty Advisors are award of the social networking site and have agreed to be listed as administrators.

  • If the chapter Past-Presient, President, and President-Elect are members of Facebook or another social networking site, they should be provided with administrator access to the chapter's site.

  • The fact that the chapter has a Facebook or other social networking site must be reported to CSI Headquarters when the site is posted and must include information regarding the site (Including current membership in the site) on the chapter's Annual Plan if newly proposed and Annual Report if continued during the preceding year.

  • Facebook and other social networking site content may be monitored by CSI international and the CFAs of those chapters. Chapter social network sites that are no longer being used and monitored should be discontinued by the chapter no later than submitting the next Annual Report to CSI.

    Chapters not in compliance with CSI policy regarding an active Facebook site will be notified of the changes required to be in compliance. Those who do not comply within the specified time frame may forfeit their annual rebate or face other sanctions. Individual members who violate these conditions in spite of requests to do otherwise at the discretion of the Executive Council may have their membership suspended or revoked per the CSI Bylaws with appropriate notification to the chapter of such action.

  • All social networking sites must post contact information for Chi Sigma Iota, including the csi-web page ( and instructions for contacting CSI directly with any concerns about the site. Members concerned about a posting on any CSI chapter Facebook site may email These sites are for the sole purpose of promoting excellence in the profession of counseling through professional development, leadership, research, and scholarship. Misuse would include but not be limited to promoting a partisan political agenda or taking a stand in relation to a non-consensus social issue such as righ to life or assisted suicide. Informed dialogue can be appropriate when properly monitored by the CFA and conducted as a forum for the purpose of professional development.

  • To gain approval, chapters must submit the rubric (see above). After the rubric is submitted to CSI Headquarters, the CSI Social Networking Consultant will request to join the chapter's social networking site and review its content. To facilitate this process, please include the requested chapter contact information at the top of this rubric.

    In the case of Facebook and LinkedIn groups, the CSI Social Networking Consultant must be given administrative access to the group to ensure that it can be edited or removed if all of the other site administrators leave the group.

Chi Sigma Iota, 2010; Updated September 2015.

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