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Proposal for Activating Chapters

Please complete the Proposal for Activating Chapters if you are establishing a new chapter or reactivating a previously established chapter. 

Active chapters have proven to serve members best when they plan, implement, and assess their efforts to recognize and promote excellence. As a consequence, to maintain active chapter status and be eligible to earn an annual rebate and to initiate new members, chapters must meet several requirements for maintaining active chapter status.

We recommend using the Mozilla Firefox browser (vs. Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, etc.) when completing and submitting your Proposal for Activating Chapters. If you have questions about these instructions, please contact CSI Headquarters at or 336.841-8180.

Please note that this is not the Annual Plan form for a currently active chapter of CSI.  If you are submitting a plan for a currently active chapter, please use the form here.

Please print a copy of this form before pressing submit if you wish to have a copy of your submission.

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Please select all of the leadership positions in your chapter including elected offices and committees.

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For the elected offices and committees identified above, please provide the names of chapter leaders and the position in which they will serve (e.g. President: Jane Smith; Secretary: Brad Jones; Treasurer: John Doe).
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