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CSI Speaker Assistance Program
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Throughout our Society's history, CSI's Speaker Assistance Program has provided assistance to chapters for hosting CSI Initiation Speakers. (See "Chapter Tip: Chi Sigma Iota Speaker Assistance Program" on page 7 of the Fall 2019 issue of the Exemplar.)

CSI continues to offer this program. If approved in advance, CSI will provide reimbursement of up to half of the travel expenses associated with a chapter hosting a CSI Speaker. CSI's Academy of Leaders, Scholars and Officers volunteer their time to serve as CSI Initiation Speakers. As a consequence, there are no honoraria expected when an approved CSI Speaker serves as a chapter initiation speaker. Requests for assistance will not be approved if there is an expectation that a presenter will receive compensation for their service and/or if a presenter is contracted for a fee to provide a workshop or similar service, with or without chapter sponsorship. Although not a requirement, the expectation is that chapters will welcome a minimum of 12 new initiates, and they will be in attendance at the event along with family, faculty, administrators and friends.

CSI has chartered more than 400 chapters. Consequently, with so many chapters able to participate in the CSI Speaker Assistance Program, there are budget constraints and not every request may be approved once approved funds are assigned for the fiscal year. To allow opportunity for as many chapters as possible to benefit from this program, a chapter cannot receive financial support during two consecutive years.

Requesting a CSI Speaker

Chapters only need to complete the CSI Speaker Request Form to request partial funding to host an approved CSI Speaker. CSI does not provide financial support for speakers other than those listed below or approved through CSI's Chapter Development Grants or Statewide/Regional Networking Grants.

To request a CSI Speaker through the CSI Speaker Assistance Program:

  1. Establish possible dates for your chapter initiation/event and identify the desired CSI Speaker.
  2. Complete the CSI Speaker Request Form, and specifically identify preferred reimbursement arrangements.
  3. When notified by CSI Headquarters, communicate with the approved CSI Speaker to finalize arrangements.
  4. Ensure all details are known to the CSI Speaker and they are hosted appropriately. Chapters are expected to send an expression of appreciation to the CSI Speaker after the event (e.g., professional thank you note).
  5. Use the CSI Speaker Reimbursement Request Form for Chapters to submit receipts to CSI Headquarters from the chapter. If a CSI Speaker will submit receipts directly to CSI Headquarters instead, they should use the CSI Speaker Reimbursement Request Form for Speakers.

Available CSI Speakers

The distinguished persons listed below volunteer their time to serve as CSI Speakers within the CSI Speakers Assistance Program and each one has many commitments months ahead. Therefore, plan at least two months in advance, at minimum, to request their participation in an initiation; submitting a request sooner than later is best. As much as possible, an attempt is made to approve Speakers who are geographically close to the chapter making the request.

Chapters are welcome to contact these CSI members to invite them to speak at chapter functions without assistance through the CSI Speakers Assistance Program.

However, chapters that wish to host a CSI Speaker with assistance through the CSI Speakers Assistance Program must complete the CSI Speaker Request Form. CSI Headquarters will facilitate connections between the requested CSI Speaker and the chapter, including establishing an initial agreement that a chapter will follow-up on with the CSI Speaker. Most importantly, CSI Headquarters must approve the request before the initiation (i.e., reimbursement requests are not approved for already-completed events).

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