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Membership Processing Checklist
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Per the CSI Bylaws, Article 5, Section 1, "A committee of members including the Chapter Faculty Advisor shall ensure that at least annually nominations for membership are submitted to Headquarters of duly qualified and chapter approved candidates. Such candidates shall be individuals who exhibit high standards of personal and professional excellence and shall support the purposes of the Society."

The following checklist of procedures is provided to assure that new members of CSI are formally invited to membership, their applications are processed in a timely manner, and initiations are conducted in accordance with the policies and guidelines of the Society. CSI Headquarters will prepare and send membership certificates and pins to chapters a maximum of two times per academic year (e.g., for two initiations per year, such as a fall initiation and a spring initiation).

Membership Processing Checklist for Chapters

Membership Processes


CFA obtains list of GPAs for students in the counseling program who have completed at least one full semester of study.  "Those who have a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or better on a scale of 4.0 and are deemed promising for endorsement as a professional counselor whose ethical judgment and behavior will be exemplary” (CSI Bylaws, Article 4.1).

This list should not be accessed by a student Membership Committee as it contains private student information.

Faculty input on the latter criteria may come from the programs’ regular review and retention policies and practices.

Every effort should be made to be proactive in all matters of diversity including encouraging leadership involvement among underrepresented populations.



CFA determines which students are eligible for membership. CFA meets with chapter officers and/or the Membership Committee to discuss endorsement of new members.


CFA & Chapter Officers 

CFA and/or chapter President writes personal letter of invitation to eligible students. Letters of invitation are required. A sample letter is included at < CFAs & Chapters < Initiations. The letter includes information about CSI International dues ($50) and any applicable local chapter dues (CSI Policy requires that chapter dues may not exceed $25 or half of CSI International dues). The letter also should include a deadline when prospective new members must apply for membership.


CFA and/or Chapter President

Applicants go online to < Membership and complete the New Member Application. Applicants must pay CSI International membership dues online using a credit, debit card or Paypal when completing the New Member Application. Some chapters also require local chapter dues, Chapter dues must be paid directly to the chapter (usually by check or online invoice). Applicants must be approved by their respective CFAs before their applications will be further processed.


Prospective Applicants

CFAs log into their chapter's unique profile (not the CFA's unique member profile) using their chapter's username and password ( < Sign In < CFA & Group Admin Login). Once logged in, go to CSI's automated Member Management System ( < CFAs & Chapters < CFAs < CFA MMS) to access several areas.

In the Member Processing area of the Member Management System (MMS), CFAs can approve or decline new members and submit their chapter initiation dates. In this area, CFAs also can access, search within, and download lists of their chapter members who need to be approved, members who have been approved and who are waiting to be initiated, members who have been declined recently, and members who have been approved for membership and initiated recently.


In the View/Export Member List area of the MMS, CFAs can download lists of all of their chapter members.


In the New Member Processing Instructions area of the MMS, CFAs can find detailed instructions for using the automated system.


Within the Member Processing < Pending Approval area, CFAs approve new members.

Within the Member Processing < Pending Initiation Date area, CFAs enter the chapter's next initiation date (for each new member) no less than two weeks prior to the planned chapter initiation date.



CSI Headquarters receives notice when the chapter initiation date has been submitted within the MMS and emails the CFA a final list of approved members. The CFA confirms to CSI Headquarters via email the accuracy of the final list of approved members. CSI Headquarters then prepares membership certificates and mails certificates and pins directly to the CFA two weeks prior to the chapter initiation date that is submitted.  If membership certificates and pins can be safely mailed to CFAs earlier than two weeks prior to the initiation date, please contact CSI Headquarters staff ( 

If the initiation date is submitted in the MMS less than two weeks before the chapter's planned initiation, certificates cannot be guaranteed to arrive in time for the initiation and will be sent with certificates and pins prepared for the next chapter initiation.

Membership certificates and pins are only mailed to CFAs. When new members do not receive their membership certificates and pins at their initiation ceremonies, they often contact CSI Headquarters in an attempt to obtain them.  This substantially increases the workload of CFAs and CSI Headquarters staff since new members always are referred back to their CFAs as CSI Headquarters only mails certificates and pins to CFAs.

If certificates and pins are mailed by CSI Headquarters two weeks in advance of a chapter initiation and do not arrive at least two days prior to the initiation, CSI will cover the costs of overnight mailing a replacement set of certificates. If CSI Headquarters does not receive email confirmation from the CFA regarding the accuracy of the final list of approved members or a chapter initiation date is not submitted at least two weeks before the chapter initiation, CSI Headquarters cannot guarantee that certificates and pins will arrive in time for the initiation. CSI Headquarters may include these certificates and pins with the mailing for the next scheduled chapter initiation. Any increased postage costs for additional mailings and/or costs of certificates and pins are the chapter's responsibility.

CFAs should open and inspect membership certificates and pins when packages arrive rather than waiting until the initiation date.  Questions may be sent


CSI Headquarters

The chapter maintains a list of students who have been invited to membership and keeps track of those who have applied for membership. This list should be verified against the Pending Approval list in the MMS that can be accessed by the CFA.


Membership Chair/ Treasurer

CSI sends a "Congratulations” email to applicants when they are endorsed and approved by the chapter (via the CFA approving applicants in the automated MMS) and CSI respectively. 


CSI Headquarters

Chapters must have an initiation ceremony at least once every two years to remain active and eligible for chapter rebates.

An initiation is tantamount to an awards ceremony, i.e., recognition for academic excellence and promise as a professional counselor. The CFA(s) and Chapter Officers should be present to witness and celebrate with the new initiates and their families, friends, partners, etc. as well as other faculty. It should be planned as an academically solemn but celebratory occasion. Every new member has a right to expect such an occasion and all new members must be formally initiated and take the oath of membership to be considered official CSI members.

The format and language of the CSI membership oath can be found on the Initiation of New Members page. Since taking the CSI membership oath is an essential and required part of becoming a member, some chapters offer members the opportunity to both sign the CSI membership oath and orally recite the CSI membership oath.

CFAs and Chapter Officers should make provisions for those who are incapable of physically attending the ceremony.


CFA & Chapter Officers

Some chapters install new officers as part of the initiation ceremony. View the ceremony script for the Installation of Officers.


Chapter Officers

Chapters may submit a request to CSI Headquarters for assistance with initiation speakers. View the Presenter Policy Procedures for details.


Chapter Officers


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