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Member FAQ
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Questions Members Ask

Who is eligible to join Chi Sigma Iota?

Membership in Chi Sigma Iota, as specified in the Bylaws, is open to both students and graduates of counselor education programs. Students must have completed at least one semester of full-time graduate coursework in a counseling program, have earned a grade point average of 3.5 or better on a 4.0 system, and be recommended for membership in CSI by the chapter. Faculty, alumni, and professional members shall have met the overall G.P.A. requirement as graduates of a counseling programs and be recommended to CSI by the chapter. The primary identity of these persons shall be as professional counselors including evidence of a state or national credential as a professional counselor. An invitation to membership is required. Individuals invited to membership may complete the New Member Application, The Chapter Faculty Advisor or appropriate chapter officer (e.g., President, Treasurer, or Membership Chair) should be notified that the application has been submitted. Payment for CSI membership must be submitted online when the New Member Application is completed. Chapter dues should be made directly to the chapter.

How can I renew my membership in Chi Sigma Iota?

Members can renew by clicking on the link to Renew Today in the gold box on the bottom right of the home page and then clicking on "upgrade my membership. Members may also renew by logging in to their profile and clicking on Membership Info, the bottom link in the blue box at the top right, then clicking to "upgrade your membership." If that does not work for any reason, please write or call 336-841-8180.

What if I get a message " your account is currently under review" when I try to log in?

You may see this notification when you try to log in if you recently registered for membership but are not yet approved. Our membership requirements require a review from CSI Headquarters to ensure the minimum requirements are met and then your Chapter Faculty Advisor must review and approve your application as well to confirm you meet the additional membership requirements. Once your membership application is approved by your CFA and you are initiated, you will be a full member of CSI.

What if I've moved and want to change my chapter affiliation?

If you have moved to a new chapter, please complete the chapter change form.

How do I get a replacement certificate?

You can order a replacement initiation certificate through our online store and we will get it to you immediately. Provide your name as you would like it to appear on your certificate; also ensure your initiation certificate name, chapter, and mailing address are updated in your profile.

How do I get a certificate if it was never presented to me?

If you never received your membership certificate from your chapter, please contact the Chapter Faculty Advisor to see if they still have it. There should have been a new member chapter initiation conducted at which certificates and pins were awarded. Chapters may hold the certificate until the next initiation if you were unable to attend.

If you are unsuccessful in your efforts, contact us at and we will look into it as well. Please share any relevant information concerning your efforts. Please provide your full name (as you would want it on the certificate), address, email, and member number.

Alternatively, you may consider ordering a replacement initiation certificate through our online store and we will get it to you immediately. Please ensure your initiation certificate name, chapter, and mailing address are updated in your profile.

How do I order honor cords and stoles and other graduation regalia?

Honor cords, stoles and other graduation regalia, as well as CSI merchandise, can be ordered from the CSI Store.

How do I change my chapter affiliation or profile information?

To change your chapter affiliation, complete the online chapter change form. A change of chapter requires CFA approval before the change is made.

To make changes to other profile fields, log in and go to Manage Profile > Edit Bio. Make the changes and click submit. To update profile fields that are not editable (e.g., member type), please complete the profile change form.

Why doesn't CSI invite to membership anyone who counsels or uses counseling in their work?

The comprehensive answer to this question should be found in one's professional orientation class. CACREP Standards define the education for those who call themselves "professional counselors." CSI was established in 1985 to help provide a clearer definition of the profession at a time when accreditation, national and state credentialing, and advocacy for the profession were in their infancy. Entry level is at the Masters degree. Philosophically, we are tied historically to values focused on optimizing human development over the life span. Our identity as professional counselors is unique as a consequence. We don't just counsel. It is who we are as professionals, individually and collectively. For references and further elaboration see the Handbook of Counseling, Leaders and Legacies: Contributions to the Profession of Counseling, and Professional Counseling Excellence through Leadership and Advocacy, all of which are available at discounted prices to CSI members. A short article on this topic is also available from the Exemplar, The Counseling Profession and Honor Society Membership.

Who can be a Chapter Faculty Advisor (CFA)?

Chapter Faculty Advisors must be active members of CSI. They must be full time doctoral level Counselor Educators in the program for which they would be CFA. They must be able to physically meet with members and especially officers and committee chairs for mentoring and routine business of the chapter. They are the final endorsing authority for chapter membership and are expected to verify not only grade point average but suitability of individuals for membership in a Society committed to excellence in personal and professional judgment and behavior. Since it is common for faculty teaching in counselor education to include those from other disciplines (e.g., psychology, social work, and marriage and family therapy), it is necessary that a graduate of a CACREP doctoral program or equivalent counselor education program who meets or exceeds the requirements for membership is selected to serve as CFA. Likewise, the second faculty member selected to serve as interim, co-Chapter Faculty Advisor, or alternate in the event of need shall meet the same requirements and be an active or Life Member of CSI.

Who can be a chapter officer?

Chapter officers must be active members of CSI. They must be either 1) full time students in the Counselor Education master’s or doctoral program for which they would be a chapter officer or 2) a chapter member and a graduate of a Counselor Education program who is not pursuing another degree outside of the counseling profession. They must be able to physically meet with the Chapter Faculty Advisor(s), chapter officers, and committee chairs for routine business of the chapter. Chapter officers are expected to demonstrate excellence in personal and professional judgment and behavior.

Where can I learn about deadlines for awards, grants, contests, etc?

You are encouraged to visit the Awards, Research & Grants, or our Leadership webpages to find the details. Additionally, deadlines are posted on the main CSI web page on the right and are included in the CSI Calendar.