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Chapter Internet Presence Policy
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Chapters which develop a websites, blog, Social Networking Site, or any other presence on the internet are required to follow the CSI Chapter Website Policy and Social Networking Policy , if appropriate, in the creation of the site. All aspects of CSIs policies must be addressed in creation of the site. Sites which comply with CSI policies will have their social networking site linked from their chapter group.

The social networking site URL must be submitted to CSI for review along with the completed Chapter Social Networking Site Review Rubric after reading the respective policies demonstrating that all aspects of the policies and their intent have been fully addressed.

Chapters are not permitted to maintain sites on the internet that have not been approved by CSI. Non-approved sites are to be unlinked until approval is obtained.

Internet Plagiarism for Chapters (2011)

When citing materials from on chapter websites, such as the CSI mission and vision, the source will be included in parentheses to show that this is a quote and the original author is CSI, International., i.e.: (

Chapters are encouraged to link to rather than quoting or copying materials from the website, as web page updates on CSIs website could cause chapter pages to be out-dated or provide inaccurate information to members.

Failure to comply with these policies, and all policies of CSI, may result in a forfeit of the chapter rebate or suspension of a chapter's ability to process new memberships until the chapter's internet sites are in compliance.

Adopted Chi Sigma Iota, 2010, 2011; Updated March 1, 2011

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