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Global Network
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Chi Sigma Iota is an international honor society that provides services to support excellence in the profession of counseling. At present the state of counseling around the world is not well known. We are developing this resource to contribute to the knowledge base of counseling around the globe and to provide a place where individuals and nations can share information about the development of counseling. We invite counselors in all settings to contribute to our resource list of published articles about counseling globally. Interested members are encouraged to join our Global Network group.

Disaster Response Issues for our Global Members & Chapters

We are deeply saddened by the devastation caused by natural disasters that impact our members and chapters globally. To help, CSI has established guidelines through which chapters and members may offer assistance, from expressions of concern to tangible materials, to help others deal with the aftermath of disasters. We understand that many organizations respond in times of disaster, and we seek to support those organizations whose mission it is to provide assistance for physical and mental health needs. We encourage chapters to meet and determine how best to support these organizations in local communities and beyond.

Global Network GroupThrough CSIs Global Network Group, we have provided blogs so that our chapters and members may communicate experiences, outreach, support and other activities that may be helpful with ongoing relief efforts. In addition, both the CSI Chief Executive Officer and Counselor Community Engagement Committee members are available to discuss and support your ideas for how CSI chapters can be helpful to those affected by human and natural disasters.

Counseling Associations by Country

This site includes a list of the seven continents and all countries within each continent, with links to counseling organizations and associations. Sites that are international in scope and not limited to one particular continent are also included.

Published Articles and Summaries in Various Countries

View the list of published articles and counseling summaries about counseling around the world.

Counseling around the WorldCounseling Around the World

You may also wish to review the Counseling Around the World handout that includes summaries of seven countries (Argentina, China, India, Kenya, Mexico, The Philippines, and Switzerland as well as an overview and analysis of global counseling. This was a CSI-sponsored presentation on March 23rd at the 2013 ACA conference in Cincinnati, Ohio. The program was built around ACA's first global counseling book, Counseling Around the World: An International Handbook, by editors Thomas Hohenshil, Norman Amundson, and Spencer Niles. The book provides information about counseling activities in 40 different countries located on six continents.


Please send additional contributions, questions, and suggestions for the CSI Global Network to

Special thanks to 2009-2010 Leadership Intern Brenda Austin, 2010-2011 CSI Leadership Fellow Nicole Adamson, and 2011-12 Leadership Fellow GoEun Na for their help in gathering information for this page.


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