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Leadership Excellence Papers
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During the 1999-2000 academic year, the CSI Executive Council requested that Drs. Edwin L. Herr and Thomas J. Sweeney, President and Executive Director respectively, develop papers addressing the Quest for Personal Excellence as an underlying goal for each member of the Society. Using these papers, they developed a workshop for the 2000 annual leadership training in Washington, D.C. This was the beginning of a more focused, deliberate effort to call attention to the quest for personal excellence among CSI membership and chapters.

In his major address, Dr. Herr provides a conceptual framework for understanding and addressing this quest. Dr. Sweeney helps lay a foundation for chapters to create tools for counselor education programs and individual members to use in learning about and experiencing the benefits of this personal quest. In these papers you will find the conceptual basis for this initiative, a definition for what is meant by the pursuit of personal excellence, the personal habits of those who pursue this goal, and CSI's commitment to personal excellence of all professional counselors.

A variety of CSI members, leaders, and scholars were invited to respond to the Quest for Personal Excellence. Their ideas and reflections help to extend the meaning of the concept in an effort to encourage all CSI members in their own quest for personal excellence. These papers and were prepared by:

Dr. Edwin Herr
Distinguished Scholar

Distinguished Professor of Education
Departments of Counselor Education and Counseling Psychology
The Pennsylvania State University
The Quest for Personal Excellence

Dr. Thomas J. Sweeney
Professor Emeritus
Counselor Education
Ohio University
Executive Director Emeritus, Chi Sigma Iota
The Pursuit of Personal Excellence: A CSI Quest Shared and Supported

Dr. Cathy Woodyard
Assistant Professor
Texas Women's University
Editor, CSI Exemplar, 1992-present
CSI Intern 1991-1992
My Quest for Personal Excellence

Dr. Catharina Chang
Assistant Professor
Georgia State University
CSI Intern, 1997-1998
ACES at its Best: Celebrating Personal Excellence

Dr. Thelma Jones Vriend
CSI Distinguished Scholar
The Quest for Personal Excellence

Dr. Jane Myers
Retired Professor
University of North Carolina at Greensboro
CSI President, 1987-88
Pursuing Personal Excellence in Counselor Education: The Challenges of Personal and Professional Growth

Dr. Samuel Gladding
Department of Counselor Education
Wake Forest University
Creative Leadership

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