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Counselors' Corner
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Welcome to the CSI Counselors' Corner! This page has been designed as a dynamic site for professional counselors that will change and grow in response to your needs. Share your ideas about how to make this site even more useful to Professional Counselors by writing

The Professional Member Committee has developed a Best Practices Guide for Connecting With CSI Professional Members and Engaging Counselors in CSI Chapters as well as a brochure about member benefits that chapters can share with their alumni and professional members. Printed copies of the brochure are available upon request.

CSI's Professional Member Committee has also compiled a list of resources that may be useful to counselors during the COVID-19 pandemic. The committee's goal is to help you meet your own needs as well as those of your clients. Additional resources have been added by CSI's Counselor Community Engagement Committee.

Find a Counselor & Find a Supervisor Directories

  • The Find a Counselor Directory provides a place to advertise your counseling services and/or refer your clients to other active CSI members.
  • The Find a Supervisor Directory offers a place for advertising your supervision services and/or finding a Qualified Supervisor in your area.

Only active CSI members will be able to access directory profiles through the search results.

To be included in these directories, please review your profile under Manage Profile > Edit Bio. Scroll down to the bottom of the Professional Information and complete the fields listed for each directory. Be sure to Opt in for the Counselor Registry or Supervisor Registry to be included in the search results. Your profile is available to members; therefore, you are encouraged to review your profile and choose the information you would like be available or locked in your profile including any contact information such as your email or phone number. The directions for modifying the visibility of information is provided at the top of your Edit Bio page.

Client Rights & Responsibilities

Both counselors and clients are encouraged to read Client Rights and Responsibilities (classic version or updated version). This brochure was developed jointly by Chi Sigma Iota and the National Board for Certified Counselors to help clients be informed consumers of counseling services. We encourage counselors to print the brochure and make copies available for clients or frame it and place it in their office waiting area. Counselors also may wish to share the link to the brochure with clients.

Research Articles of Interest

Interactive Networking Groups and Forums

If you are working as a practicing counselor, please join our Professional Counselors Group. This group includes discussion forums where you can communicate with other professionals.

Our forums include:

  • Professional Issues: Share anecdotes, concerns, and inspirational thoughts from your work as a counselor.
  • Professional Forms: This forum was created so professional counselors can share forms that you have created to use with clients and discuss examples shared by other professional counselors. Please submit your forms to for review prior to posting. In the subject line, provide a title and the state where you work (e.g. Professional Disclosure Form, NC; Confidentiality Statement, OH; etc.).

All logged in CSI members may view this group. Only group members may post to this group.
Be sure to 'subscribe to instant updates' in each forum if you would like to receive updates on future postings. You may also choose to 'subscribe to digest' to receive a summary of posts. Your subscriptions can be managed by going to Manage Profile > Subscriptions in your login My Profile box.

Chapter, State, and Region Groups

Chapter, state, and region groups are a great way to stay connected with counselors from your counseling program, state, or regional area. View and join other chapters, state, and region groups through the Groups link on the left-menu. Use the group directory to narrow your search more easily.

Social Networking Sites

CSI's Chapter Internet Presence Policy is followed in creating these sites. They are especially useful to alumni and professional members as sources of information about CSI activities and professional counseling. All Social Networking Sites are linked from the CSI List of Chapters.

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