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Counselors' Bookshelf
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Have you read a good book, seen a great movie or television show, or heard a meaningful song lately? Has this resource helped you to become a better counselor? The resource could be about an area of counselor training or practice, a particular life situation, developmental issue, or client issue.

We invite you to read the reviews and share your comments on our forums by clicking the section title below.The Counselors' Bookshelf is an interactive forum. Be sure to check "preferences" and get an email when anyone responds to your review or posting! See instructions for submissions below to include your favorite resources. You can download a flyer to learn more about the Counselors' Bookshelf.

If you would like to share a useful book, movie, TV show, or song with other CSI members, please consider submitting your own review for publication! Counselor educators are encouraged to use the Counselors' Bookshelf as a resource for classes and to develop class assignments involving Bookshelf submissions. For more information, see our flyer for counselor educators.

For general questions about the Counselors' Bookshelf, please email the Senior Editor, Dr. Barbara Mahaffey. For questions about specific submissions, please contact the Section Editors listed below.

Counselors' Bookshelf Sections


Professional Books

This section includes nonfiction-only books that are related to providing counseling and wellness services to clients or books pertaining to the profession of counseling. Examples include clinical manuals and professional leadership books. Contact Section Editor: Dr. Jennifer Gerlach

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Books That Help Me Become a Better Counselor

This section includes both fiction and nonfiction books that help counselors gain a better understanding of specific issues and populations. Examples include books about school shootings, childhood sexual abuse, addiction, and ethical dilemmas in counseling. Contact Section Editor: Dr. Daphne Washington

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This section includes all books that counselors can use with clients, either directly or through recommendation. Examples include children’s books and those on breathing, relaxation, and wellness. Contact Section Editor: Dr. Jaime Castillo

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Movies and TV Shows

This section includes movies and television shows that incapsulate the purpose of the first three sections. Examples include television shows that highlight multicultural issues or movies about particular events. Contact Section Editor: Currently Vacant - emails will be directed to Dr. Mahaffey.

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This section includes music and lyrics that also incapsulate the purpose of the first three sections. Examples include music that accompanies relaxation and meditation as well as lyrics that help clients reflect. Contact Section Editor: Dr. Everett Painter

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We invite you to share your reactions with other professional counselors by submitting reviews to one of our forums. View the Author Guidelines in preparation of your submission. Professional book reviews can be a maximum of 500 words and all other reviews a maximum of 250 words. Although only CSI members may post reviews, this site is open for review to any professional counselor in the United States and globally. Submissions (but not postings in response) are reviewed by an Editor and Editorial Board Reviewers and will be approved prior to posting; all postings are refereed.

Counselors' Bookshelf Editorial Review Board Members

Any CSI member who is interested in serving as a reviewer can complete the Volunteer Interest Form.

New reviewers are accepted throughout the year. Volunteers can request to serve on a particular panel, but they may be asked to start on a smaller panel that is in need of reviewers. Reviewers can then transition to a different panel if space becomes available.

Anyone wishing to serve as a reviewer will need to submit at least one review to a section of the Bookshelf to become familiar with the submission and review process.


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