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Installation of Officers
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The following ceremony was developed by Alpha Omicron Chapter and enhanced by their President Lori Porter (1996-97) to reflect the role descriptions of officers in the CSI Bylaws of their chapter. Little or no modifications may be necessary to adopt this ceremony as your own. If you have another format that you would suggest to others, please send it to


Will the following members please come forward: (Incoming officers’ names)

Though international in scope, the activities of Chi Sigma Iota are centered in the chapters of the Society. It is through the chapters that members are able to be active and pursue the goals of the Society to the fullest extent possible.


As the (next year) chapter officers, you are charged with the care of the (Greek Name) Chapter.

(Name): As President, you are responsible to organize, delegate, follow-up, oversee, orchestrate, and set a tome of enthusiasm for the chapter. It is your role to motivate people, support and recognize their efforts, celebrate their successes and enable their activities.

(Name): As President-Elect, you will assist the President in performing all (his/her) duties. You will perform the duties of President in the event of the resignation or inability to serve for health or other reasons of the President. You will serve as a member of the Chapter Executive Committee. It is your role to become informed of the current affairs and activities of the chapter and to prepare for your upcoming term as President.

(Name): As Secretary, you are responsible to serve as a member of the Chapter Executive Committee. It is your responsibility to attend and keep records of the Executive Committee and chapter business meetings. You will write and handle official correspondence as directed by the President. It is your role to maintain a file of chapter activities and pass on all relevant file materials to your successor.

(Name): As Treasurer, it is your role to assist the Faculty Advisor and officers in the development and administration of the annual budget. You will maintain financial records for the chapter. Furthermore, it is your responsibility to receive and disburse chapter funds as directed by the President.

On this occasion, you are asked to publicly declare your commitment to perform these duties. If it is your intent to do so, then together say, "I Will". Thank you and congratulations!

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