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Initiation of New Members
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The presiding officers for the initiation include the Chapter Faculty Advisor, President and any other officer to serve as "Presenter". Some chapters will assign the responsibility for "Presenter" to one or more members of the Executive Committee or the Membership Chair. The CFA(s) and Chapter Officers should be present to witness and celebrate with the new initiates and their families, friends, partners, etc. as well as other faculty.

It is desirable to have a guest speaker offer a 15-20 minute inspirational speech, in addition to which those present should be provided information about CSI. Please refer to for the most up-to-date information on the Society's membership and activities. Inviting academic administrators (e.g., department chair, dean, chancellor) is important for initiates and their families, who also should be invited.

Care should be taken to select a setting that is professional and elevates the importance of the ocassion for all present. The CSI Oath of Office is required for the ceremony. New members who are for any reason unable to participate in the initiation must have an opportunity to take the oath before formal membership in CSI is conferred.

Additional suggestions for planning and implementing your initiation ceremony may be found at

Administration of CSI Membership Oath

"CHI SIGMA IOTA" is the Counseling Academic and Professional Honor Society International. As such, members are committed to maintaining high standards of professional competence and service. Our goal is to serve others to the best of our ability and to encourage others to do the same as members of the counseling profession. Members of the Society have distinguished themselves through scholarship and professional excellence which is exemplary.

This is an occasion of inviting new members into the Society who share the same commitment and goals. We welcome them and this opportunity to recognize their achievements to earn this distinction.


Candidates' applications have been reviewed and acted on favorably by the International Office of Chi Sigma Iota and the Executive Committee of this chapter. Candidates ( please step forward or stand). (As the last candidate steps forward, the Presenter continues)...We are pleased to present these candidates as worth of membership in this chapter and the International Honor Society.


Membership in the Society will have special meaning to each of you. The common meaning, however, will be the same. you are dedicating yourself to continued excellence in both scholarship and counseling practice. As such, you ascribe to high standards of performance in all that you do.

On this occasion, you are asked to publicly declare your commitment to striving for high standards of scholarship and clinical practice. If you will accept the rights and responsibilities of membership embodied in the Bylaws of the Society, please answer, "I WILL".

Further, you are asked if you are willing to continue encouraging excellence in the professional settings in which you work. If so, please answer, "I AM".

Finally, you are asked if you will support and encourage the members and activities of this chapter and Society through personal involvement in their professional programs. If so, please answer, "I WILL".

Congratulations and welcome to (Chapter Name) of Chi Sigma Iota Counseling Academic and Professional Honor Society International. As your name is called, please step forward to receive your membership certificate and recognition pin.


(Calls each candidate's name and the President hands him/her their certificate and pin). It is desirable as each candidate comes forward to say a sentence or two about them, e.g., "Susie Smith is a first year student in the School Counseling Track. Her career goal is to work with elementary school students in a charter school."

There may be a desire by some chapters to have each new member introduced to the assemblage in a more formal way. This could be done by a member who knows them both personally and professionally. If this is to be done, we recommend that the person doing the introduction be given a brief format and time limit for which to prepare. This could be done as each person receives their certificate and recognition pin. When all candidates have been recognized, the President can conclude the installation with a call for a welcoming applause for the new members.


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