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Chapter FAQ
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Questions about Chapters

How do I form a new chapter?

New chapters of Chi Sigma Iota may be established in nationally accredited counselor education training programs that have achieved national accreditation (CACREP or CORE). In addition, in order to establish a chapter, there must be at least two members of the regular full time counseling program faculty who are doctoral counselor education graduates (CACREP preferably) and who are CSI members or eligible and willing to be members and serve as CFA as needed. Chapter Faculty Advisors must be active members of CSI or eligible to be a member. Such faculty applying for membership have earned their highest degree from a counselor education program and hold as their primary identity that of professional counselor. View CSI's guidelines for Establishing and Maintaining an Active Chapter.

How can we reactivate our chapter?

Chapters must comply with the requirements for Maintaining an Active Chapter and complete the steps for chapter reactivation listed on the bottom of that page .

If I am a chapter officer, how can I obtain a list of our members?

You may obtain it with your CSI Chapter Faculty Advisor's approval. Chapter Faculty Advisors have access to the CSI online Member Management System (located in the CFAs menu link) from which Chapter Faculty Advisors can download a list of chapter members. Please contact your Chapter Faculty Advisor to receive a current copy of your chapter's membership list.

How do we get a speaker for our chapter initiation?

To inquire about CSI speakers for chapter initiations, please review the Presenter Policies and complete the online Speaker Request Form from our webpage. It contains a letter of explanation along with a list of available speakers. Fill out the form and submit it to the Headquarters' office for approval. Our Chief Executive Officer will make the necessary contacts for you and contact you regarding your speaker. This should be done as early as possible but no later than two months from the expected date of the initiation. Our list of speakers are among the most sought after speakers in the profession. If you can be a little flexible on your dates, it may be to your advantage in getting the speaker you desire.

How can we raise funds for our chapter?

Chapters use a variety of means for raising funds. To begin, review the ideas in the Chapter Leadership Manual (see ). Chapter Annual Reports include activities chapters have used to raise money, and the Annual Report Summaries provide an overview of the activities of all chapters.  Chapter tipssuggested practices for chapters , and past issues of the Exemplar contain useful tips as wel.

If our chapter receives an annual rebate, how should we spend it?

Chapters are encouraged to use chapter rebate funds for projects and expenses that are consistent with CSI’s mission , "[T]o promote scholarship, research, professionalism, leadership, advocacy, and excellence in counseling, and to recognize high attainment in the pursuit of academic and clinical excellence in the profession of counseling.”

Chapter rebates also should be used in compliance with the CSI Chapter Rebates Policy (2016), "Chapter rebates issued by CSI Headquarters are intended to be used by chapters to comply with CSI Bylaws Article 9.5, which requires chapters to provide services to members, including scholarly presentations, opportunities for social and personal development, service to others, and advocacy projects."

When rebates are used to help a chapter delegate attend the annual CSI Delegate Business Meeting, chapters are encouraged to utilize rebates to specifically support student members' attendance at CSI Days leadership training and events, as well as the Delegate Business Meeting, to promote student leadership development.

How can I create a CSI approved chapter website or social networking site?

Web presence is becoming more important as members look to the web for information, resources, and connections. With the development of the new website, CSI is transitioning all chapter websites onto Chapter groups are open for all members and can still be viewable by prospective or non-members. Learn more by reviewing the CSI Chapter Website Policy.

If you would like to establish a presence on Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ or other social networking site, review the Social Networking Policy. You should also refer to the Chapter Internet Presence & Internet Plagiarism Policy as well for any chapter web presence. Follow the guidelines in these policies to help you create an attractive and CSI-approved chapter web presence!

How can we get CSI members listed as honors graduates in our commencement program?

It may be impossible to get honor recognition added to diplomas; however, since Chi Sigma Iota is an honor society, recognition through listing in the convocations book as an honors graduate is possible at many universities. First, be sure your chapter is registered with the university as an honor society. Then, find whether the convocations program includes lists of honor society members who are graduating or notes beside individual names if students are honors graduates. Your CFA should be the one to correspond with appropriate university staff and officials to be sure the listing happens each graduation. At our university it took several graduations to get the process automated. Now we get an email early each semester asking for the names of graduates and names of CSI Sigma Iota members. Our Department Administrative Assistant gets the emails, checks with the chapter, sends the lists, and in the back of each convocation book there is a list of honor societies and the names of each honor society member who is graduating. if you need help, contact

Where can I learn about deadlines for required reports, chapter grants?

A variety of resources are available through the Chapters menu including chapter required reports. To find information regarding chapter development grants, visit the Research & Grants menu to find chapter grants. Additionally, deadlines are posted on the main CSI web page on the right and are included in the CSI Calendar.


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