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CSI Days
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CSI has released a statement about our 2020 CSI Days events, which were originally planned to be held at the 2020 ACA Conference & Expo in San Diego, and other events affected by the COVID-19 virus, including Chapter Initiations.

The Delegate Business Meeting and Awards Ceremony were held virtually on April 16. A recording of the Delegate Business Meeting has been posted. Chapter leaders can view a list of the delegates whose attendance was recorded. Although some chapters had multiple delegates, only one delegate per chapter is listed on the spreadsheet. Please note that live attendance at the meeting was required to be counted as a chapter's delegate.

Clips from the virtual Awards Ceremony will be released on CSI International's Facebook page and Twitter feed.

In addition to sponsoring three education sessions at the ACA Conference & Expo in San Diego, CSI planned to sponsor 25 poster sessions addressing three themes identified by the CSI Executive Council: 1) Counseling Across the Globe, 2) Professional Identity, Leadership, and Advocacy, or 3) Wellness Counseling Practices and Research. In spite of the cancellation of the conference, some presenters volunteered to share their posters in a CSI Virtual Showcase of Posters.

CSI Days 2019 & Earlier

CSI Days 2019 were held in New Orleans, Louisiana during the ACA Conference & Expo on March 29-31, 2019. To review the 2019 program or schedules, please visit the CSI Days 2019 webpage

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