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Counselor Community Engagement Resources
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Strategies for Effective Outreach, Service Projects, and Counselor Development

This page will provide links to resources and training materials to help chapters strengthen their community engagement activities and integrate them into overall chapter goals and objectives. By embracing the principles of intentionality, servant leadership, wellness, advocacy, and generativity, chapters may begin to participate in activities that transform their communities and membership alike. For more information on the servant leader philosophy, please read Dr. Ed Herr’s position paper.

CCE Resources

Guidelines for Counselor Community Engagement

The Counselor Community Engagement Committee has developed a set of Guidelines for Counselor Community Engagement and a Counselor Community Engagement Model to assist CSI chapters in developing and maintaining activities that engage their communities. They are intended to serve as a starting point for chapters and consist of a non-comprehensive guide for how chapters might choose to engage their communities. Through these guidelines it is hoped that chapters will better understand the basic principles of counselor community engagement, the key practical considerations when conducting such activities, and the resources available to help them to begin reaching out to their local, national, and international neighbors.

Ten Key Considerations

The Counselor Community Engagement Committee has developed Ten Key Considerations for Chapter Counselor Community Engagement. This framework provides a way for chapters to plan and evaluate activities that are most impactful for the community and consistent with the chapter’s capabilities to serve.

Disaster Response Policy

CSI International seeks to provide a means for chapters to request assistance and find resources in times of need after experiencing a local disaster. The aim is to connect chapters needing support with chapters and other agencies that are available and willing to offer assistance. For more information, please review CSI's Disaster Response Policy.

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