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Counselors' Bookshelf Author Guidelines
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Counselors' Bookshelf Author Guidelines

Submissions to the Counselors' Bookshelf may be made by any CSI member through

  1. To submit your review, login and go to the Counselors' Bookshelf page.

  2. Click on the "Submit a Counseling Resource Review" for one of the five sections desired.

  3. Reviews should be prepared first in an editor such as Microsoft Word so that word limits will not be exceeded. The word limit for each section is as follows:
    • Professional Books (500 word max)
    • Books that Help Me Become a Better Counselor (250 word max)
    • Bibliotherapy (250 word max)
    • Movies and TV Shows (250 word max)
    • Music (250 word max)

The content of the review should include the following:

  • The first half of the review (250 or 125 words, depending on the section) should be devoted to a summary of the book, CD, movie, etc.
  • The second half of the review (a separate paragraph) should address ways in which counselors can use this book for self knowledge, clinical applications with specific types of clients, and/or counselor education.
  • Types of populations for which a resource is most applicable should be described, and any caveats for use of the resource should be mentioned.

Once the review has been submitted, it will be sent to the appropriate Section Editors for review. Authors may expect to receive confirmation of acceptance of their review within 4 weeks of submission.

Reviews will be sent to an editorial board for blind review prior to a publication decision. All publications decisions are made by the respective editors. Editors may request revisions prior to acceptance.

Once accepted, authors may cite their review as follows:

Author, A. (year). Review of {Resource}. The Counselors' Bookshelf: {Section}. Lexington, NC: Chi Sigma Iota International