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Thomas J. Sweeney Professional Leadership Award Recipients
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This award recognizes and honors persons who through their vision, leadership, and concern for others have strengthened, expanded, and enhanced the counseling profession at local, state, national, and/or international levels.

This award is named after Thomas J. Sweeney, founder of Chi Sigma Iota, as a tribute to his outstanding leadership and professional contributions to the counseling profession. Dr. Sweeney's service to the profession spans more than 30 years. His contributions have been multiple in terms of types and levels of service including books, articles, training videos, research, speaking, consulting, leadership positions and volunteer service in several capacities.

In the spirit of Dr. Sweeney's vision, leadership, and concerns for others, the Chi Sigma Iota Executive Council chose to create this award with the intention of recognizing others within the membership of the Society who contribute to the benefit of the profession.





2018 Donna M. Gibson Omega Lambda Iota Virginia Commonwealth University
2017 Melissa Luke Sigma Upsilon Syracuse University
2015 Victoria E. Kress Eta Youngstown State University
2012 Craig S. Cashwell Upsilon Nu Chi University of North Carolina at Greensboro
2010 Edwin L. Herr Rho Alpha Mu Pennsylvania State University
2009 Jamie S. Carney Iota Delta Sigma Auburn University
2008 Charles F. Gressard Omega Mu College of William & Mary
2007 Martin H. Ritchie Alpha Omega University of Toledo
2006 Robert H. Pate, Jr. Rho Beta University of Virginia
2005 Courtland Lee Alpha Delta University of Maryland
2004 Jane E. Myers Upsilon Nu Chi University of North Carolina at Greensboro
2003 Jeffrey Mostade Beta Chi John Carroll University
2002 Mary Thomas Burke Mu Tau Beta University of North Carolina at Charlotte
2001 Joseph R. Kandor Nu SUNY-Brockport
2000 D. L. "Pete" Warren Kappa Lynchburg College
1999 Nicholas A. Vacc Upsilon Nu Chi University of North Carolina at Greensboro
1998 Larry C. Loesch Beta University of Florida
1997 Samuel T. Gladding Pi Alpha Wake Forest University
1996 Lily Rosqueta-Rosales Iota Phi University of the Philippines