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Outstanding Practitioner Supervisor Award
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Purpose of Award

The practitioner supervisor award was established to recognize an outstanding counselor whose primary professional commitment is the direct supervision of persons involved in clinical counseling services. Therefore, the nomination packet should clearly demonstrate the supervision contribution. (Examples of persons supervised include school counselors, rehabilitation counselors, community counselors, counselors working in college/university settings, pastoral counselors, and/or substance abuse counselors.) Full-time faculty persons employed in a college/university setting are not eligible.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Award nominations may be submitted only by active Chapters.
  • Nominator must be an active member of Chapter (dues must be current).
  • Activity and/or accomplishments within the last two years will be considered; therefore, all material must be dated.
  • Only one nomination for this award may be submitted by the Chapter.

Criteria for Nomination and Selection

  • A current member of Chi Sigma Iota
  • Spends at least 10% of time in direct supervision of clinical counseling services
  • Identifies self as a professional counselor
  • State licensed, certified as a school counselor, and/or holds national and credential as a professional counselor
  • Has been and is currently a member in good standing with state and/or national credentialing bodies
  • Publishes, presents at professional meetings, or otherwise educates other practitioners about successful clinical practices or counseling theories

Nomination Packet Requirements

  1. CSI Nomination Form
  2. Nomination letter
  3. Endorsement letter by the Chapter Faculty Advisor*
  4. Nominee's current vita
  5. No more than three signed letters of support (on letterhead)
  6. Supplementary evidence

* CSI requires that a chapter’s nominee for each CSI International Award be endorsed by a Chapter Faculty Advisor. Please use the attached template to provide a brief endorsement letter on university letterhead to be included in the PDF packet that your chapter submits. If a Chapter Faculty Advisor is already providing their endorsement by writing the nomination letter or one of the three letters of support, this additional endorsement letter does not need to be included.

Nomination Submission Instructions

  1. Scan the nomination letter, CFA endorsement letter, signed letters of support, and supplementary evidence into a single PDF file.
  2. Title the files as follows: Your Chapter Name-Title of Award Nomination-Date Submitted (e.g., Alpha Beta Gamma-Outstanding Practitioner Supervisor Award-12-1-20.pdf).
  3. Complete the online Award Nomination Form and attach the PDF file in the area provided at the end of the form.

Award Nomination Forms for CSI's 2021 Awards will be accepted until Tuesday, December 1, 2020, at 5:00 PM EST.

If you have questions, you may contact the CSI Awards Committee Chair at


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