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Chi Sigma Iota's mission and goals include recognizing excellence in counseling scholarship, research, leadership, and practice, and developing leaders for the counseling profession. These goals are accomplished in part through our International Awards Program. CSIs awards recognize outstanding individuals and chapters, students with the potential for leadership in the profession, and extended leadership service to the counseling profession.

To learn more about the international awards and criteria, view the descriptions below or visit the Awards links on the left menu.

Online nomination forms for all of CSI International's 2021 Awards, CSI Leadership Fellowships & Internships and the Edwin L. Herr Fellowship will be accepted until Tuesday, December 1, 2020 at 5:00 PM EST.

Chapter Awards Program

Chapters are encouraged to develop awards programs at the chapter level using the Awards Training Package and submit nominees annually for CSI International Awards for activities or accomplishments within the last two years; therefore, all material must be dated. Chapters that solicit nominees and select award recipients within their chapters typically forward their chapter recipients in nomination for a CSI award.

The following items are required for a nomination to be considered:

  1. Chapters must be active to make nominations and only CSI active members are eligible to make a nomination. Nominator’s membership number must be included for all nominees.
  2. Only CSI active members are eligible for awards. For verification purposes see the chapter membership data list. Nominee's membership number must be included for verification.
  3. Award nominations may be submitted only by Chapters - one nomination per award.
  4. A nomination packet must be submitted in pdf format by December 1 at 5:00 PM EST through the online nomination form for that type of award (Chapter or Individual).  A link to the nomination form is located on the page describing the award.

Awards Selection

Neither the Chi Sigma Iota Executive Council nor the Headquarters staff are involved in the nominations or selection of award recipients. All packets will be evaluated by the Awards Committee, which is comprised of CSI members (e.g., students, professional members, Chapter Faculty Advisors, and other counselor educators).

Award recipients and award nominators will be notified in advance so that arrangements can be made for both to be present at the Chi Sigma Iota Awards Ceremony. The date for this event will be posted on our website as soon as it is available. Funds are not available for travel and hotel expenses of the Award Recipients.

The Awards Committee is not required to grant an award if there are insufficient nominees for the award's category or if the committee does not deem any nomination worthy of an award.

For further information, please direct your questions to the CSI Awards Committee Chair at


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