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Published Articles: South America
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Articles published on global topics and populations are listed below in APA reference format. You can read the full articles by going to the journal website or accessing it through a research database. If you know of additional articles that can be added to this list, please send them to

  • Ablard, J. D. (2003). Authoritarianism, Democracy and Psychiatric Reform in Argentina, 1943-83. History of Psychiatry, 14(3), 361-376.

  • Ablard, J.D. (2009). Madness in Buenos Aires: Patients, Psychiatrists, and the Argentine State. Calgary, Canada: University of Calgary Press.

  • Almeida-Filho, N. (1998). Becoming modern after all these years: Social change and mental health in Latin America. Culture, Medicine and Psychiatry, 22(3), 285-316.

  • Alperstein, G., & Raman, S. (2003). Promoting mental health and emotional well-being among children and youth: a role for community child health? Child: Care, Health and Development, 29(4), 269-274.

  • Alvarez, H. F., & Nicemboim, E. (1998). Prevention of mental disorders: Steps toward community interventions. Journal of Community Psychology, 26(3), 205 - 217. doi: 10.1002/(SICI)1520-6629(199805)26:3<205::AID-JCOP2>3.0.CO;2-U

  • Azevedo-Marques, J., Zanetti, A., Galera, S., & Zuardi, A. (2009). P02-200 Preliminary study of mental health consultation-liaison activities with Primary Health Care teams in university community health care center in Brazil. European Psychiatry, 24, S890.

  • Caqueo-Urízar, A., & Gutiérrez-Maldonado, J. (2009). Satisfaction with mental health services in a Latin American community of carers of patients with Schizophrenia. Community Mental Health Journal, 45(4), 285 - 289.

  • De Pinheiro, O. G., & Spink, P. (2004). Discursive Practices and Democratic Participation: Negotiating Language Use in Mental Health Services. Journal of Health Psychology, 9(1), 55-71.

  • Goodman, R., Neves dos Santos, D., Robatto Nunes, A. P., Pereira de Miranda, D., Fleitlich-Bilyk, B., & Almeida Filho, N. (2005). The Ilha de Maré study: a survey of child mental health problems in a predominantly African-Brazilian rural community. Social Psychiatry and Psychiatric Epidemiology, 40(1), 11 - 17.

  • Kantorski, L. (2002). Mental health care in Brazil. Journal of Psychiatric & Mental Health Nursing, 9(3), 251-253.

  • Ludermir, A. B., & Harpham, T. (1998). Urbanization and mental health in Brazil: Social and economic dimensions. Health & Place, 4(3), 223-232.

  • Montilla, R. E. and Smith, R. L. (2009). Counseling in the República Bolivariana de Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela). Journal of Counseling & Development, 87, 122– 126. doi: 10.1002/j.1556-6678.2009.tb00558.x

  • Nunez C., L. (2009). Is it Possible to Eradicate Poverty without Attending to Mental Health? Listening to Migrant Workers in Chile through their Idioms of Distress. Journal of Health Management, 11(2), 337-354.

  • Patel, V., Araya, R., Chatterjee, S., Chisholm, D., Cohen, A., De Silva, M., … van Ommeran, M. (2007). Treatment and prevention of mental disorders in low-income and middle-income countries. The Lancet, 370(9591), 991-1005.

  • Perrone, E., Banzato, C., Sasazawa, D., & Kimura, S. (2009). P02-118 Perceptions about mental health in the city of Campinas (Brazil- SP). European Psychiatry, 24, S808.

  • Razzouk, D., Gallo, C., Olifson, S., Zorzetto, R., Fiestas, F., Poletti, G., … Mari, J.J. (2008). Challenges to reduce the ‘10/90 gap’: Mental health research in Latin American and Caribbean countries. Acta Psychiatrica Scandinavica, 118(6), 490-498.

  • Saraceno, B. (1998). Nations for mental health: a new WHO action programme on mental health for underserved populations. European Psychiatry, 13, 164s.

  • Vicente, B., Kohn, R., Rioseco, P., Saldivia, S., Navarrette, G., Veloso, P., & Silverio, T. (2006). Regional differences in psychiatric disorders in Chile. Social Psychiatry and Psychiatric Epidemiology, 41(12), 935 - 942.

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