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Fall Annual Plan

Thank you for completing a 2020-2021 Annual Plan for your CSI chapter.  The deadline to submit the plan will be September 30, 2020, at 5:00 PM EDT (Eastern Daylight Time). We will not be able to accept Annual Plans after this deadline. We recommend using the Mozilla Firefox browser (vs. Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, etc.) when completing and submitting your Annual Plan.

Maintaining Status as an Active Chapter

Active chapters have proven to serve members best when they plan, implement, and assess their efforts to recognize and promote excellence. As a consequence, to maintain active chapter status and be eligible for an annual rebate and to initiate new members, chapters must meet several requirements to remain active. Please review the Requirements for Maintaining Active Chapter Status.

If you have questions, please contact CSI Headquarters at or (336) 841-8180.

Please print a copy of this form before pressing submit if you wish to have a copy of your submission. Copies of the submitted forms will be posted online in October after all have been submitted. Chapters can download a PDF copy of the plans after they have been posted online.

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The CSI Bylaws require chapters to submit an Annual Plan at least once every two years to remain an active chapter and eligible to earn a chapter rebate ( Visit your chapter profile anytime to see which requirements your chapter has met - and when - to remain active chapter ( < Chapters < Chapters Directory < [your chapter]). Tip: Submitting an Annual Plan and an Annual Report every year (not just once every two years) is an easy way for chapter leadership to get organized for the year (Annual Plan) and assess successes and opportunities to grow at the end of the year (Annual Report).
This must be a university mailing address, not a personal or residential address. This is the address where chapter rebate checks and initiation materials (new membership certificates and pins) are sent to the CFA by USPS mail.

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