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Theme E: Research
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To promote professional counselors and the services that they provide based on scientifically sound research.


Listed below are five objectives designed to help achieve this goal. Links from each objective will take you to sample or model projects. These projects can be replicated and will hopefully help chapters develop new project ideas that will also meet the goal. The CSI Advocacy and Technology Committees encourage chapters to submit additional projects for inclusion on the webpage.

  • Objective 1. To demonstrate the effectiveness of counseling through outcome research.

  • Objective 2. To assess the outcomes of counselor preparation.

  • Objective 3. To assess public awareness of counseling.

  • Objective 4. To determine sources of funding for research.

  • Objective 5. To encourage the use of research.
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1/30/2020 » 2/1/2020
CSI at ASGW 2020: Becoming a Servant Leader: Collaborating to Nurture Change (Pre-Conference)

1/30/2020 » 2/1/2020
CSI at ASGW 2020: Clinical Excellence to Promote Community Wellness after the Storm

1/30/2020 » 2/1/2020
CSI at ASGW 2020: Servant Leader Community Responsiveness and Advocacy

Webinar 2020-01-30