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Theme D: Inter-Professional Issues
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To establish collaborative working relationships with other organizations, groups and disciplines on matters of mutual interest and concern to achieve our advocacy goals for both counselors and their clients.


Listed below are four objectives designed to help achieve this goal. Links from each objective will take you to sample or model projects. These projects can be replicated and will hopefully help chapters develop new project ideas that will also meet the goal. The CSI Advocacy and Technology Committees encourage chapters to submit additional projects for inclusion on the webpage.

  • Objective 1. Professional counseling associations will identify associations, groups and disciplines with whom professional counselors at both the state and national levels will desire relationships for dialogue, information sharing, and potential collaboration.

  • Objective 2. A plan for systematically establishing and maintaining contact with the leadership of significant organizations and individuals that are important to counselor advocacy will be established and periodically revised to address new or changing concerns, issues, and dynamics.

  • Objective 3. A strategy will be established to address initiatives by other organizations or groups that have the potential for omitting, limiting, or blocking the employment or practice of professional counselors.
  • Objective 4. Professional counseling associations will be encouraged to establish and maintain personnel and resources necessary to sustain counselor advocacy initiatives.
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