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Theme A: Counselor Education
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To ensure that all counselor education students graduate with a clear identity and sense of pride as professional counselors.


Listed below are eight objectives designed to help achieve this goal. Links from each objective will take you to sample or model projects. These projects can be replicated and will hopefully help chapters develop new project ideas that will also meet the goal. The CSI Advocacy and Technology Committees encourage chapters to submit additional projects for inclusion on the webpage.

  • Objective 1. All faculty members preparing professional counselors will perceive their primary professional identification as counselor educators and, as a consequence, as members of both state and national counseling associations, especially ACES.

  • Objective 2. Students and graduates will identify themselves fundamentally as Professional Counselors and, as a consequence, as members state counseling organizations, ACA and its divisions.

  • Objective 3. Students and graduates will have knowledge of and respect for counseling specialties.

  • Objective 4. All counselor education faculty will be credentialed as Professional Counselors at both the state and national level (NCC, ACS, LPC).

  • Objective 5. All counselor educators will be active and encourage their students to be active in professional organizations.

  • Objective 6. All counselor education programs will be encouraged to work toward achieving CACREP accreditation.

  • Objective 7. All counselor education programs will be encouraged to incorporate into their curriculum the teaching of advocacy for clients and the profession. See a description of advocacy projects using this theme.

  • Objective 8. All counselor education graduates will be eligible for Professional Counselor credentials at both the state and national level (NCC, LPC) upon completion of supervised post-graduate clinical experience. See a description of one advocacy project using this theme.

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