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Activities & Cooperative Ventures
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Activities & Accomplishments: 1985-Present

Membership Services

  • three issues of the Exemplar annually
  • special topical issues of the Exemplar
  • two issues of the Journal of Counselor Leadership & Advocacy annually
  • membership certificate and pin
  • affiliation with local or nearest chapter
  • networking with members worldwide
  • the Counselor's Bookshelf
  • find a Counselor Registry
  • career resources

Chapter Development Network

  • regionally linking CSI chapters
  • providing direct support to CSI chapter officers and members
  • promoting leadership through annual seminars
  • proactively seeking to strengthen and revitalize chapters

Chapter Activities

  • recognition of individual members
  • networking between students, alumni, professionals
  • continuing education and workshops
  • leadership training and opportunities

Fellowship Program

  • designed to prepare leaders for the counseling profession since 1989, 10 per year
  • selection based on chapter nomination & leadership potential
  • special leadership training programs at ACA Conference
  • grant of $600 from CSI and a matching grant of $50 for small CSI chapters and $100 for large
    CSI chapters from the nominating CSI Chapter for attendance at ACA Conference

Faculty Advisor Network

  • promoting recognition for excellence in faculty support for chapters
  • providing direct assistance to faculty advisors
  • maximizing the use of talent and experience among the faculty advisors
  • networking chapter resources through faculty advisors

Internship Program

  • two individuals selected per year from fellows
  • serve as interns to CSI
  • participate in CSI Executive Council meetings (at CSI expense)
  • complete specific duties/projects for CSI

Awards Program

  • designed to encourage and recognize excellence
  • awards for outstanding individuals, entry-level and doctoral-level
  • awards for outstanding chapters for newsletters and programs
  • awards for outstanding practitioners and supervisors
  • awards for research and distinguished leadership
  • both international and chapter awards programs

Chapter Grants

  • grants intended to support activities in chapters that promote and recognize excellence in the areas of
    leadership, professional identity, advocacy, and scholarship
  • chapter rebates distributed to active chapters (over $140,000 in one fiscal year)

Excellence in Counseling Research Grants

  • intended to support and enhance the counseling profession through targeted support of research
    by CSI members ($6,000 in the current year)
  • CSI Executive Council will, on an annual basis, determine funding priorities and issue a call for proposals
    to support research that will enhance the counseling profession
    • Research Grants intended to support investigation that will test hypotheses, methods and techniques to advance professional counseling
    • funding is intended to support CSI members who have conducted research (within the past year)
      or plan to conduct research (within the next year)

Academy of Leaders for Excellence

CSI has designated selected outstanding counselors as Excellence Leaders, who:

  • volunteer their professional time for certain CSI activities
  • present at ACA conferences
  • make presentations to local chapters

CSI reimburses half the cost of travel and related expenses for such presentations by these individuals and has allocated over $5,000/year for these activities.


Oral History Project

  • videotaped interviews with CSI Distinguished Scholars and Leaders
  • project coordinated by CSI Interns
  • scholars reflect on past and projections for future of counseling
  • complete tapes and typescripts available
  • tapes available on cost-recovery bases only, to members and non-members

Cooperative Ventures and Accomplishments on Behalf of the Counseling Profession: 1985-Present

American Counseling Association (ACA)

  • $3,000 given to library for purchase of computer printer & special needs
  • initiation and maintenance of scholars library for use of ACA members
  • collected works of CSI scholars
  • travel expenses for CSI officer to Chair ACA Library Review Committee to guide ACA in restructuring library services
  • paid ACA conference exhibitor for first ten years of CSI growth
  • currently sponsor 25 ACA provided poster sessions by CSI members
  • currently receive 20 free ACA conference registrations for student members (fellows and interns)

Professional Advocacy

contributed $500 to first ACA PROFESSIONALIZATION meeting in 1990 for professional advocacy

  • funds used to supplement committee budget for historic meeting
  • developed first ACA PROFESSIONALIZATION plan - many of the recommendations of that plan are now met
  • participated in ACA Governing Council forum on professionalization
  • participated in the ACA 20/20 Visions initiative

Annual Conference Activities

annual CSI meetings and activities held in conjunction with the ACA Conference.

  • annual leadership training for future leaders
  • sponsorship of 10 fellows ($600 per fellow stipend) to attend
    distinguished scholars workshops, panel presentations, and ACA sessions
  • poster sessions on chapter initiatives and member research
  • recognition of members through awards ceremony
  • reception for members and leaders

Association for Counselor Education and Supervision (ACES)

  • developed training videotape on counseling methods
  • participate in and support the ACES national and regional conferences
  • conduct leadership training and networking for members


  • published monograph of "Counseling Futures"
  • authors CSI Scholars Walz, Gazda, Shertzer, based on presentation at ACES National Convention
    were available from CSI or ERIC/CASS, at cost to CSI members, free to chapters

Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs (CACREP)

promotes CACREP standards through CSI's Bylaws and membership criteria which favor graduates of nationally accredited programs

  • jointly developed "Showcase of Programs" for two national ACA conferences, providing a forum for accredited programs with CSI chapters to received recognition
  • jointly sponsor the Leadership Essay Contest (2014-2015, 2015-2016, 2016-2017)
  • CACREP representatives have attended and participated in CSI strategic planning meetings and advocacy conferences
  • require all new chapters to have CACREP-accredidation and renewing chapters to have or seek national accreditation from the date of approval. Currently over 80% of chapters are located in nationally accredited programs.
  • require two full time members of the faculty to be counselor education doctoral graduates with at least one to serve as Chapter Faculty Advisor. Preference expressed for CACREP graduates.

National Board for Certified Counselors (NBCC)

  • promotes NBCC through CSI's Bylaws and membership criteria which favors graduates who are nationally credentialed
  • jointly developed "Client Rights and Responsibilities" pamphlet for distribution to clients; frame-able version for counselors' walls
  • distributed widely to NCCs, CSI members, syndicated columnists, talk show hosts
  • over 10,000 copies distributed
  • share advocacy initiatives of both national and international scope through chapters and conferences.

Counselor Advocacy Leadership Conferences

  • invitational counselor advocacy leadership conferences sponsored by CSI
  • all professional organizations are invited to join in the development and implementation of a united, advocacy plan for professional counselors and their clients
  • the ultimate goal is to insure that professional counselors and the services that they provide are readily available to all who need and want them. CSI is preparing activities and materials suitable for use by its chapters-see Advocacy.
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