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About CSI
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Our History

Chi Sigma Iota is the international honor society of professional counseling and for professional counselors. It was established in 1985 through the efforts of leaders in the profession of counseling whose desire was to provide recognition for outstanding achievement as well as outstanding service within the profession. CSI was created for counselors-in-training, counselor educators, and professional counselors whose career commitment is to research and service through professional counseling.

Our mission is to promote scholarship, research, professionalism, leadership and excellence in counseling, and to recognize high attainment in the pursuit of academic and clinical excellence in the profession of counseling. Our symbols and colors were chosen to reflect our mission and values: white for virtue, blue for trustworthiness and integrity. Our Strategic Plan and Bylaws provide information about the purposes of and membership requirements for the Society.

Chi Sigma Iota has a rich history, summarized in pictures in our CSI Scrapbook, Annual Awards Program and Year in Review, and description of activities and accomplishments of the Society, working alone and in conjunction with other counseling associations to provide services to members of the counseling profession. A listing of past-presidents is included, as these persons reflect the rich tradition of excellence that is the hallmark of Chi Sigma Iota.

Our Membership is Worldwide

We currently have over 130,000 initiated members. This makes CSI one of the largest single member organizations of professional counselors in the world. More than 400 chapters have been chartered, and new chapters are being developed in the U.S and other countries as counselor education programs commit to meeting national accreditation preparation standards. Members will be found in countries all over the world. With the evolution of professional counseling globally, we expect to support more chapters in more countries in the future.

Our Association Is an ACHS Certified Honor Society

ACHS LogoThe Association of College Honor Societies (ACHS), founded in 1925, is the nation's only certifying agency for college and university honor societies. ACHS has created standards for organizational excellence and for scholastic eligibility, and not all organizations calling themselves "honor societies" subscribe to the standards of ACHS. Members and the society-at-large are protected by the standards of excellence set by ACHS. Candidates for membership in CSI can be assured that our society meets the rigorous standards of ACHS.

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