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CSI Days 2019 Call for CSI-Sponsored ACA Poster Sessions
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We are pleased to announce that CSI has again been invited to sponsor 25 American Counseling Association (ACA) poster sessions at the ACA Conference & Expo scheduled for March 29-31 in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Proposals were accepted until Tuesday, September 11, 2018 at 5:00 PM EDT (Eastern Daylight Time). The deadline to submit a proposal has passed. We will not be able to consider any proposals received after the deadline.

Proposals will be evaluated by CSI's Poster Session Review Panel. Decisions will be sent to primary presenters in mid-October.

Primary presenters must be student members of both ACA and CSI. Chapter Faculty Advisors, other students, other faculty, and alumni/professional members may serve as co-presenters.

Poster Session Themes

This year, we are seeking submissions that focus on the following four areas:

  1. Counselor Identity Across the Globe
  2. Enhancing Counselor Community Engagement through Professional Advocacy
  3. Professional Identity, Leadership, and Advocacy
  4. Wellness Counseling Practices and Research

Applicants are encouraged to review the 2015 Special Edition of the CSI Exemplar, "A Closer Look at Professional Identity," and CSI's resources on Counselor Community Engagement, Professional Advocacy, and Wellness Research. Posters must be relevant to a range of attendees at the ACA Conference & Expo, not only CSI members. Appeal to a wide audience will be a key consideration in judging proposals.

Submission Requirements

Members who are interested in submitting a poster proposal will need to include the following information for each presenter:

  1. Full name as it should be printed in the ACA program
  2. Email address & phone number
  3. CSI & ACA member numbers (membership must be active)
  4. Physical address
  5. CSI membership status (Masters Student, Specialist Student, Doctoral Student, Chapter Faculty Advisor, Counselor Educator (not CFA), or Professional Counselor)
  6. Highest academic degree and specific area of degree
  7. Employment experience (a written summary, not a resume/CV)
  8. Current title/position and employer
  9. Summary of experience relevant to the topic (not a resume/CV)
  10. Bio for promotional use (primary presenter only)
  11. Picture for promotional use (optional for the primary presenter)

Proposals should also include the following information about the session:

  1. Title (limited to 100 characters including spaces and punctuation)
  2. CSI Poster Theme (see above)
  3. Audience Level (advanced or introductory)
  4. Learning Objectives (minimum of three)
  5. Target Audience and Area of Application
  6. Program Guide Description (limited to 500 characters including spaces and punctuation)
  7. ACA Topic Category(s) (options are provided on the form)
  8. A concise paragraph (500 word max) describing a) the poster's relation to the chosen theme; b) how information will be visually displayed; c) how outcome data will be used; and
    d) the poster’s relevance to a wide ACA audience.

Posters that were previously sponsored by CSI may not be re-submitted. Poster submissions will be rated for relevance, clarity, and suitability for a wide ACA audience. The primary presenter will be notified of the panel's decision in mid-October as soon as possible after the deadline.

ACA provides boards where poster materials can be pinned or taped. All CSI-sponsored sessions will be listed in the ACA Conference Program with other approved sessions. Please review the guidelines for preparing poster presentations as you develop your poster.

Thank you for your consideration, and please email Dr. Amanda DeDiego and Dr. Panagiotis Markopoulos, CSI Poster Session Review Panel Co-Chairs, at if you have questions.

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