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2013 NAMI Walk

Last year, our chapter sent a team to the 2012 NAMI Walk and it was a huge success. Not only did we walk with our community and show support for the National Alliance on Mental Illness, we also raised over $1,000 for the cause! The 2013 NAMI Walk will be held Saturday, Sept. 28 at Auditorium Shores in Austin, and we plan to exceed last year's auspicious fundraising achievement. Registration is at 7:30am; walk begins at 9am.

To register, go to and click on "Join My Team." If you can’t join us, you can still support us by making a donation online on our team page. If you have questions,email Margaret at  or Michelle at 

Internship Fair

Last year's Internship Fair was a huge success, connecting internship sites in the community with the many students in attendance. Do not pass up this awesome networking opportunity, to be held Wednesday, 2:30-5:30pm Wednesday,Oct. 2 in room 4061 of the Education Building on the San Marcos campus, time to be announced soon. ALL students in the Texas State Professional Counseling program are encouraged to attend and meet representatives from agencies and organizations that provide internship positions. Put your best foot forward by coming out to meet these representatives, no matter where you are in the program. You'll be glad you did! Below is a list of attending sites, which is updated weekly. (Last updated: Sept. 4)

Safe Place
Texas State Career Services
Center for Child Protection
Austin Child Guidance Center
Judson ISD
Hope Hospice
New Life Children's Center
Diocese of Austin Family Counseling
YWCA Counseling Center

Below are some talking points for the internship fair

Hi, my name is ____. I'm interested in your organization because ____. I'd like to know more about your program.


1.What positions do you have available for interns in the near future? Figure out when you'll be doing your internship so that you know whether you'll be able to work with that site when you get to that point in our program.

2.What do you expect from your interns? Each site is different and this will give you some idea of what is important to them. This will help you determine whether the site is right for you, and if it is, you may benefit from emphasizing your strengths that match up with that site's expectations.

3.What qualities do you look for in an intern? Same as above, but more specific.

4.What theory does your program provide services under? A response I received recently is that a site provides Brief Solution Focused Therapy, but they also understand that they need to tailor each therapy they use to their different client's needs. Additionally, the internship coordinator for the site said that her work is grounded in Existential theory. Know that there are different levels to a site's choice of theory that might provide more depth for that site than is outwardly visible.

5.What theory do you prefer to work with? Same as above.

6.What hours do you expect your interns to work? Some sites may be flexible, and some may have set hours. If you're planning on working another job while completing your internship, this may be important for you to know. At best, the hours they expect will work with your schedule. If not, knowing ahead of time may allow you to make arrangements with your other job to accommodate your internship.

7.How does your organization manage interns and work toward the development and growth of your interns as counselors? This is a way to ask about management style AND how much they are invested in their internship program.

8.What are the on-site supervisor's areas of specialization and qualifications? Highest degree earned, amount of experience as a counselor/supervisor, and special certifications that they have acquired as a counselor - play therapy, substance abuse, art therapy, etc.

9.What types of direct services would I be able to provide if I interned at your organization? Individual, Group, Family, Couples, Play Therapy; Group Guidance; Parent-Teacher Consults; Intake Session.


1.What population(s) do you hope to work with? (Some options include, but are not limited to, the following: Children; Adolescents; Adults; Low SES; At-risk; Couples; Families; Domestic Violence; LGBT community; School setting; College Students)

2.What are you looking for in an internship program? (Some thoughts on this -- management style, type of hours you'll need, any other responses to the questions in this section. Of course make sure you convey your needs, but also try not to get so specific that you appear rigid and inflexible. Some level of adaptation will be required)

3.What theory do you like to work with? (Solution Focused, CBT, Existential, Adlerian, etc. A possible response to this question is to name the theory that you feel most comfortable with, but explain that you understand that other theories may be utilized and why you might be comfortable using other theories in your work)

4.What can you offer our program? (Pick your favorite class and explain why you were so great at it, brag about what you feel you've contributed to previous jobs, think about your mentor and what you like about them -- do you strive to be that way? Explain that. Make sure you're specific but don't go on for too long)

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