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2017-2018 Officers

President - Joshua French

Vice President-  Brittany Tombroff

Treasurer - Marykate Wihnyk 

 Secretary - Taylor Hardison

Mediation Officer - Sophie Rubin

Chapter Faculty Advisor - Dr. Kassie Terrell 

Backup Chapter Faculty Advisor - Dr. Richmond Wynn



CSI 2016- 2017 Officer Oaths


As the 2016-2017 chapter officers, you are charged with the care of the Sigma Phi Epsilon Chapter. 


Nena Tahil: As President:

·       you will be responsible for organizing, delegating, following-up, overseeing, orchestrating, and setting a tone of enthusiasm for the chapter.  It will be your role to motivate people, support and recognize their efforts, celebrate their successes and enable their activities. 


Sherda Pierre:  As Vice President:

·       you will assist the President in performing all her duties. You will perform the duties of President in the event of the resignation or inability to serve for health or other reasons of the President. You will serve as a member of the Chapter Executive Committee.


Alicia Hopson:  As Treasurer:

·       it will be your role to assist the Faculty Advisor and officers in the development and administration of the annual budget.  You will maintain financial records for the chapter.  Furthermore, it will be your responsibility to receive and disburse chapter funds as directed by the President. 


Erin Rollins:  As Secretary:

·       you will be responsible to serve as a member of the Chapter Executive Committee.  It will be your responsibility to attend and keep records of the Executive Committee and chapter business meetings.  You will write and handle official correspondence as directed by the President.  It will be your role to maintain a file of chapter activities and pass on all relevant file materials to your successor. 


Christy Sellers: As Mediation Officer:

·       you will be responsible to serve as a member of the Chapter Executive Committee. It will be your responsibility to mediate concerns and questions between cohort members, faculty, and the community. You are charged with encouraging clarity and diplomacy in all aspects of CSI’s endeavors, underscoring our ethos of support and caring while advocating for broader mental health awareness.


Angela Galioto: As Engagement Officer:

·        you will help to coordinate events within the chapter, motivate students to engage in all chapter activities and meetings, and provide support to the executive team.


Callie Avant: As Chief Promotion Officer:

·       you will be responsible for the creation and distribution of marketing and promotional materials related to CSI events and volunteer opportunities.


Ashley Geiger: As Chief Initiative Officer:

·       your primary responsibility is to support the President in chapter initiatives, specifically in planning and execution of the agreed upon master plan of action for the chapter activities.  You are charged with performing resource management functions (ie. follow through on responsibilities, schedule maintenance) and align closely with other officers on the CSI chapter leadership team and or external agencies to help ensure successful outcome of planned initiatives. 




2012-2013 Officers

President - Kallie Schultz
President-Elect -
Secretary - Jessica Ofray
Treasurer - Dawn Friedman
Past-President - Patty Mohler
Chapter Faculty Advisor - Dr. Richmond Wynn

2012-2013 Committee Leaders

Awards -
Community Engagement -
Fundraising -
Membership -
Newsletter Editor - Sarah Stuart
Professional Development -
Webmaster -
Wellness -

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