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Overview of Our Chapter
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Overview of our chapter

Membership- The CSI team is comprised of passionate people that are driven and motivated by the opportunities to have a positive impact on communities through increasing social justice and advocating for it through various avenues. A love for people, a high regard for their wellbeing and an embrace of their differences describes the spirit of our team.  We value multicultural awareness and competence and realize the importance of embracing culture and values in our respectful interactions. 

Social Justice focused – Our faculty has done a tremendous job in educating us about the various social justice issues that exist in our communities, from challenges in our immediate surroundings to ones that are oceans away. We are taught to value the importance of advocacy for social justice and are encouraged to work towards making our world a better one advocating for humanity with the various issues that it faces.  

Member Diversity- Our members are diverse in every sense with a strong commonality that joins us; our compassion! We bring experience from various parts of the world that we share in safe environments that enable emotional, cognitive, and social growth. While some of us might share the communities we find most interest in assisting, there are various aspects within a wide variety of communities we chose to specialize in learning about through research and volunteer involvements. We have created a sense of community with our common beliefs and values centered around multicultural and social justice efforts.

Diversity at Our Events- We have focused on International themes in our events with performances to include a dance from India, Belly Dancing from the Middle East, Martial Arts from Asia and food from various parts of the world. We will include an International Dance group that will perform traditional dances from Africa, South and Central American, Caribbean and the Middle East

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