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Alpha Chi
2 1/25/2016
Spring 2014 Volunteer Oportunities
Saturday, March 22nd-LSU's Geaux Big Event (8:00-1:00) We did this last year and had a great time. Essentially, we'll be assigned to help out a local organization; last year when we did this we helped the Greater Baton Rouge Cancer Society. We'll start out the day at LSU and carpool over to our work site. Plus, you get a t-shirt and a water bottle (or at least we did last year). :-) Sign up Info: Registration for Geaux BIG is now open and closes on February 18th. Signing up is very easy. Simply select "Volunteer" on our website: The "Team" drop down menu lists both student organizations and residence halls. We're listed as Chi Sigma Iota-Alpha Chi Chapter. If you don't see that listed please just type Chi Sigma Iota-Alpha Chi Chapter into the applicable section. We volunteered with Communities Against Drugs and Violence (CADAV) in Scotlandville and helped with some gardening, landscaping, and trash clean up projects. Thanks to all of the volunteers from
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