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Chapter: Eta - Youngstown State University
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Eta Chapter
Youngstown State University, Youngstown, Ohio

Established in 1985

ETA Chapter was established at Youngstown State University in 1985 by Dr. Jan Gill-Wigal. On September 9, 1985, YSU became the second CSI chapter in the state of Ohio. At the Eta chapter initiation ceremony in 1985, Dr. Tom Sweeney, Executive Director of CSI initiated the first 45 members of the chapter. Charter members of Eta Chapter included YSU faculty members Larry DiRusso, David Cliness, William Convery, Chris Faiver, Jan Gill-Wigal, George Levitsky, as well as, alumni, students, and counseling professionals from the Youngstown area. The first elected officers were Sharon Forte as President, Dee Hall Edwards as Secretary, and Donald Nolfi as Treasurer.

Nationally, the Eta CSI chapter was the 12th chapter initiated. Eta Chapter has inducted over 700 members since 1985.  Upon the inception of the Eta Chapter it was recognized as the "most promising new campus organization”.  The Nova Award was presented to Eta Chapter at the YSU Annual Awards Banquet in 1986. The selection was made by students, faculty, and staff to recognize the campus organization that made the most significant progress during its first year of existence. In 1987, YSU was the site for the First Annual "All-State CSI Conference”. The purpose of the conference was to provide members of CSI around the state with the opportunity to collaborate.

Eta Chapter students have been recognized nationally for their excellence. In 2002, Brandy Kelly was selected by Chi Sigma Iota International as CSI Intern. In 2004, Rachel Hoffman was selected as a CSI Leadership Fellow. In 2006, Chi Sigma Iota students under the leadership of Jessica Eaton won first place in the Advocacy Showcase Presentation for their development of a 60 second television public service announcement highlighting the role of a professional counselor and the availability of free services at the counseling program clinic. In 2007, the ACA advocacy showcase, led by Carrie Hess, was selected for unique, outstanding, and substantive work for their campus advocacy regarding explaining the role of licensed professional counselors and the benefits of students seeking counseling. 

In 2008, Eta Chapter received two national awards, the Outstanding Individual Program Award and the Outstanding Masters Student Award recognizing Karlyn Cunningham. In 2010, Eta Chapter was recognized with the Outstanding Chapter Award, and Nicole Adamson was selected as a CSI Leadership Fellow. In 2011, Nicole Adamson was awarded the Outstanding Entry Level Student Award, and Emily Herman was selected as a CSI Leadership Fellow. Our Eta Chapter member and former Eta Chapter Advisor, Dr. Victoria Kress was elected as President of CSI-International for the 2012-13 year. In 2014, the Eta Chapter won the Outstanding Individual Program award for their statewide Leadership and Advocacy Summit at Youngstown State University.  In 2015, Rebecca Szanto was awarded the Outstanding Entry Level Student Award, and Michael Leskosky was selected as a CSI Leadership Fellow. In 2018, Dr. Jake Protivnak was awarded the Outstanding Chapter Faculty Advisor Award.  He was then elected as Treasurer of CSI-International for the 2019-2021 years.  In 2020, Eta Chapter was awarded the Outstanding Individual Program Award.


Our chapter has active members including current students, alumni, and faculty. We focus on promoting excellence in the profession of counseling and hope to get members more involved in professional development, community engagement, wellness, and more.

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