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Research Grant Funding Guidelines
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Funding Guidelines for CSI Excellence in Counseling Research Grants

Allowable expenses:

  • Equipment necessary to conduct research (specialized equipment – not basic technology available in university computer labs)
  • Research assessments/tools/programs including scoring, if required
  • Postage/printing expenses for hard copy survey instruments
  • Expenses for such services as Amazon Mechanical Turk, etc.
  • Other expenses directly related to research/data collection (i.e., mileage to data collection site)
  • Transcription services
  • Statistical / Data analysis software packages (if not available at their universities/sites)
  • Self-employed statistical consultant (up to 20% of the total budget amount requested). Applicants must clearly justify the need for a statistical consultant as every applicant must have a research mentor who meets a certain level of proficiency to qualify for a grant.
  • Applicants are encouraged to limit requests for funds for participant incentives to 20% of the proposed budget.  If the research design requires that a larger percentage be budgeted, the applicant should provide a rationale for exceeding the limit.
Non-allowable expenses:
  • Conference registrations or related expenses (including meals, transportation, lodging)
  • Conference presentation materials (i.e. handouts, poster, etc.)
  • Professional organization membership fees
  • Time compensation directly to researcher/research team (including graduate assistant work)
  • Textbooks for coursework
  • Tuition or fees for coursework
  • Any expenses related to completion of degree program (including dissertation preparation fees, dissertation editors, etc.)
  • Indirect costs allocated to a university

Please direct any questions to the Excellence in Counseling Research Grants Committee at


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