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Guidelines for Preparing Poster Presentations
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30-Minute Project/Research Poster Sessions are designed to convey research findings and/or novel approaches to issues in a poster format. Through an "Interactive Style” attendees will be encouraged to "stop by” and visit with as many of the presenters of the sessions as they want and engage in interactive dialogue. Some participants may stay for only a few minutes and then move on to another presentation, while others will want to stay longer and go more in-depth on your topic.

The basic content of a Poster Session should include, although not be limited to, the following: 

  1. A title that appropriately describes your session.
  2. An outline of a thesis, problem, or novel approach.
  3. The method(s) used to achieve a solution to a problem or to implement a novel approach. 
  4. If appropriate, statistical data should be titled and summarized in a clear, concise format. 
  5. A clear, concise conclusion.

All the poster sessions will be located in the Conference Center Exhibit Hall. You will be provided with an 8' X 4' bulletin board and a supply of thumb tacks/push pins. No audiovisual equipment will be provided and typically you will not have access to electrical outlets. You are responsible for setting up your poster session and removing it immediately following your presentation. Each person will be given a maximum of 15 minutes before and after the session for set up and removal of materials. Sessions will start on time.

Your poster session must have a professional appearance. Please remember to use large enough print, graphs, charts or designs that can be easily read from a distance of not less than 8-10 feet. We suggest using bullet or outline format. All type should be a minimum of 24-font size (1/4 inch). Posting of a small print paper/report is not professional or acceptable. During the session time, presenters will remain with their posters to discuss their projects, research findings and/or novel approaches with attendees.

Conference presenters are required to submit handout(s) electronically to ACA by their February 1 deadline to be posted online for attendees to access. If materials are not submitted by the deadline the presenter will be responsible for providing at least 50 handouts during their session. Session attendees find these handouts a valuable asset. On-site reproduction of handouts is at the expense of the presenter.

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