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Funding Guidelines
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Policies on Use of CSI Funds:

Please note that funds may not be used for travel or honoraria to chapter officers or faculty. Allowable expenses include the following:

  • Printing of workshop and initiation programs, flyers, handouts
  • Purchase of supplies for workshops
  • Refreshments for initiates and their families (not to exceed $75)
  • Refreshments for workshop attendees (not to exceed $75)
  • CSI Store purchases for speaker gifts and door prizes for events
  • Honoraria and travel for speakers (CSI members only)
  • Purchase of chapter awards on one-time basis to establish awards program
  • Decorations for chapter events
  • Supplies and advertising materials for chapter events
  • Cost of meeting room rental
  • Cost of audio-visual equipment rental
Non-allowable expenses are as follows:
  • Travel
  • Conference Registrations
  • Meals for chapter members (recognition lunches, dinners)
  • Honoraria to non-CSI speakers
  • Donation of speaker honoraria to organizations other than the CSI chapter
  • Purchase of books, videos, training materials
  • Speaker honoraria or travel if CSI members are charged to attend the event
  • Donations to community agencies and programs
  • Research projects
  • T-shirts, clothing, and logo items other than purchases through the CSI Store
  • Play therapy, sand tray and other counseling laboratory materials
To receive funding once the chapter grant activities have been completed, a final report is required and should be submitted with the following:
  • Receipts for all reimbursable expenses
  • If a speaker was included, the name and chapter affiliation of the speaker
Changes in approved budget items over 10% must be approved in advance by CSI Headquarters or expenses will not be reimbursed.
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