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Elections 2015 - Barbara Herlihy
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President-Elect, Barbara Herlihy


Barbara Herlihy

Dr. Barbara Herlihy is a long-time member of CSI and currently serves as a CFA. In 2014, she presented a CSI webinar on the new ACA Code of Ethics and has written for the Exemplar. She has been a counselor educator for 35 years and is presently a University Research Professor at the University of New Orleans. Her professional passions include promoting ethical practice, social justice and advocacy, feminist therapy, and transcultural counseling. A prolific author, she has 3 current books in print and has authored or co-authored over 70 journal articles and book chapters.

She is a past recipient of the SACES Courtland Lee Social Justice Award and the ACES Distinguished Mentor Award. For the past 2 years, she has taught during the summer at the University of Malta in the transcultural counseling program and is active in furthering the globalization of the counseling profession.

Goals Statement

As a long-time member and Chapter Faculty Advisor for the past decade, I deeply appreciate CSI’s leadership in promoting excellence, advocacy and service to the counseling profession. Thanks to visionary leadership from its inception, CSI is a strong and vibrant organization that provides exemplary services to its members. The website is user-friendly and accessible. The webinars have been exceptional in their quality and relevance to counseling practitioners. CSI has a strong presence as the globalization of counseling gains momentum. At the same time, some challenges are present. It is difficult to envision CSI without the voice of former Executive Director Dr. Jane Myers, who is sorely missed. Maintaining continuity will be important as the organization adapts to transitions in the headquarters staff. With the continuing decline in state and federal funding for higher education, eligible students may find it difficult to fund even the expense of membership dues. My aim as CSI President-Elect will be to maintain high standards and meet challenges while promoting initiatives to increase membership and enhance our mission. With guidance and input from the membership, past leaders, and headquarters staff, I hope to advance goals in these areas:


I am indeed fortunate to have served as CFA to a very strong and active chapter. It would be impossible to articulate all I learned from the chapter’s leaders during the years when we struggled to rebuild in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Passion, commitment, and creativity were harnessed, resulting in an array of chapter activities that increased member involvement, generated revenue, and dramatically increased visibility in the professional community. I will work to find new ways for chapters to share what they have learned about "what works” to achieve these results. In addition to showcasing chapters at the ACA Conference, I will work with HQ staff to explore how technologies can be used to more widely share success stories so that all chapters can benefit from great ideas that work.



A potential resource for membership growth is former members who were active as students but let their membership lapse after they graduated. By listening to the voices of alumni members and lapsed members, I will strive to increase life-long membership. Alumni members can be polled to determine what services they most value and those services can be strengthened. Lapsed/inactive members can be asked what incentives would work to encourage them to renew their membership and involvement.



For me, one of the most exciting developments in the 21st century is the globalization of the counseling profession. The challenges of learning to work transculturally are myriad, and I will draw on my international work experiences to generate new ways that CSI can provide leadership in the globalization movement.


It is truly an honor to be nominated for CSI President-Elect. It would be a privilege to follow in the footsteps of the leaders who have come before and to serve the profession in this vitally important way.



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