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Elections 2014 - Michael Brubaker
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President-elect, Michael Brubaker


Michael Brubaker is an Assistant Professor and Interim Program Coordinator for the Counseling Program at the University of Cincinnati. Since his induction in 2006, he has actively contributed to the success of CSI. As a Leadership Fellow and Intern, he joined the Strategic Planning Committee and subsequently led a visioning process to create the Counselor Community Engagement Committee. He served as the Associate Editor of the Special Edition of the Exemplar on Social Justice and authored a chapter for CSI’s Award winning book, Professional Counseling Excellence through Leadership and Advocacy. Dr. Brubaker was elected Secretary of CSI International in 2011 and also chaired the Publications Committee. He is a Nationally Certified Counselor, championing the causes of underserved populations through his research, teaching, and clinical supervision. Dr. Brubaker is a dedicated member of the counseling profession, having served as Trustee with ALGBTIC and as a member of ACA, ACES, and IAAOC.

Goals Statement

Chi Sigma Iota serves in a unique role within the Counseling profession, serving as a beacon for those who strive for excellence and aspire to impact clients and communities at the highest level possible. As President, my aim will be to serve you by building on our successes and leading new initiatives to capitalize on the opportunities ahead of us. Although not an exhaustive list, three areas stand out where we could have a substantial impact on our members and the communities where we serve, each of which is described below.

Expanding our Professional Involvement in Chapter Activities
Among the active CSI members, nearly half are professional members, deeply committed to CSI and willing to serve years after completing their graduate degrees. For most chapters, their professional members remain an untapped resource. Professional members may strengthen our chapters as mentors, trainers, and consultants, offering the chance for student members to accelerate their professional growth. Building on the efforts of the Professional Members Committee, we can create new opportunities and incentives for chapters to use suggested best practices to help chapters realize the benefits of professional involvement.

Impacting Our Communities through Advocacy and Service
We are also quite unique as an honor society in that our mission is well beyond recognizing academic excellence. CSI seeks a larger vision, one where we “contribute to the realization of a healthy society by fostering wellness and human dignity” (CSI Vision Statement, 2009). CSI members have always been active in their communities, and in recent years we have enhanced our chapter supports, encouraging greater organization and intentionality to maximize our community impact. Because of the breadth of our local chapters, supported by national leadership, CSI is well positioned to lead the counseling profession in community-wide counseling and related efforts. As we refine our counselor community engagement practices, many others will realize the power of the counseling profession to help entire communities in need.

Enhancing Member Services through Technology
It has been an honor to serve CSI during a time of great technological advancements, largely completed by the tireless staff at CSI Headquarters in collaboration with CSI’s leadership. Dr. Myers and her team have implemented a new web platform, streamlined our webinar offerings, and implemented our “going green” publication initiative, providing immediate online access for our members while promoting environmentally friendly publication delivery services. As technology becomes increasingly important, it is essential that our members see the power of our current products and that CSI leaders explore new services to enhance our ability to share ideas, network with one another, and access needed resources to fulfill our work in our chapters and beyond.

In total, I would be honored to serve as your President. You are the lifeblood of our organization, giving your all to your chapters in order to become better practitioners and to help those in need. As President, I will remain committed to advocating for you so that together we can make a difference in our chapters and in the communities we serve.

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