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Counselor Community Engagement Survey
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Dear CSI Chapter Leaders,

The Counselor Community Engagement (CCE) Committee has been reviewing the annual reports and we are excited about the engagement activities (service, fundraisers, and advocacy) reported! Although many chapters reported CCE activity this past year, we have found your activities to be of particular interest, and therefore, we have selected you to share more about how you chose your activities, community partners, and what you learned in the process. Below is a short questionnaire (average time to complete survey is less than 10 minutes).

Our aim is to incorporate the knowledge we learn so we can help chapters learn from each other, better understand the principles and key considerations of counselor community engagement, and realize the resources available to help members in reaching out to their local, national, and international neighbors. If you are interested, we can link you with a CCE Committee member for consultation (regarding ideas for enhancing your current efforts or sharing your ideas with others).

Thank you for completing the survey. If you have any questions about this survey or the Counselor Community Engagement Committee, please contact the Committee Chair (

Please describe your role(s) in your chapter.

What support did you have or what aided you in the process of preparing for/participating in these efforts? What barriers did you encounter?
Are you planning to continue with the event/partner you worked with in 2010-11? Please describe (what planning is being done to continue or develop the project? What follow-up has occurred with the community partner?)

What follow-up was done with members who participated in the project? Was there a debriefing to discuss the event (what worked, what could be improved)? Was there discussion of the impact (on partner, community, members of your chapter)?
Would you or another member of your chapter be willing to speak with a member of the CCE committee to further discuss your chapter Counselor Community Engagement efforts?
Are you interested in working with a member of the CCE Committee for consultation regarding ideas for expanding your current efforts, exploring new partnerships, enhancing impact assessment, or other counselor community engagement ideas?

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