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Meeting Minutes 7/29/2017

Posted By Shannon Talley, Sunday, July 30, 2017

The minutes were created by member Ingrid Pettus 

1. The Website was discussed and new members were added to Group Meet chat

2. Ideas for Drives/Initiatives were mentioned; to be discussed at next meeting

3. Mentorship volunteers were: 

Dominique Greene



Kim Connelly

Ariel Spraggins

James Harris

Ingrid Pettus

4. Discussed ideas where community is lacking in service; to be tabled till next meeting. Thoughts for next meeting: What can we do to assist in our community? Is there a specific need? Do we have funds? Is there a group home that we can link with? How can we get the CSI name out there?

5. Cookout for CSI members and family: date tentative for October 21st after seminar. Ariel to help with organization, Possible to get some funds or donations for food/drink/supplies. Ideas of place: Deep run park. Food ideas discussed- bring a dish plus chicfila catering? Headcount to be discussed at next meeting

6. Meeting closed with Donuts

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Meeting Minutes 7/8/2017

Posted By Shannon Talley, Sunday, July 30, 2017

Meeting Minutes created by member Ingrid Pettus

These were the topics of the meeting:

1. Back to school drive-books, pens, pencils even toiletries

2. Get with the 
 website- get to know it and read through it.
3. August 26th ( times were not mentioned for this date) and Sept 26th Tues, 5;30 P.M.  admission interviews, would like to have volunteers to meet with potential students in the student  lounge area. 
4. discussed the NAMI walk coming up in Oct. would like to have students participate for the event. 
5.Dr Miller mentioned about having a counseling Program picnic for students and their families.  Would need some volunteers to help coordinate the venue and any other ideas for community involvement. with current students as well as alumni of the counseling program.  She would like to see our alumni come back to give current students a look inside their world after being at South University. 

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Meeting Minutes 4/5/2017

Posted By Shannon Talley, Friday, April 7, 2017

The meeting began at 4:30pm in the Counseling Lab of South University. The  meeting was called by Dr. Miller and we discussed the following:

1. Mental Health Awareness (MHA) Month is coming up. We would like to organize a table at South that would highlight CSI and Mental Health Awareness. Table ideas include:

-Handouts (Dr. Miller has a stress inventory we can use)

-Literature from CSI as well as MHA (Shannon to browse the MHA website and find more ideas to share at the next meeting.)

-Referral information and Support groups and networks - James to talk to Dean Batton to get a list of these available to share.  

- Gym memberships and nutrition management- we need someone to research this to put together some local reduced fee gyms and nutritionist or wellness programs to share as part of stress management. Please contact James Harris or Shannon Talley.

- We need some Talk one to one flyers copied for the tables. 

- The tables will be set up during the day, preferably during lunch so that we can catch the most students. They do not need to be manned continuously, but if a volunteer is available while they are up, that would be the most beneficial. We would like to have the tables set up once a week at a minimum, on alternating days (i.e. monday the first week, and tuesday the second week, etc.) in order to catch the most students. 

-It is IMPORTANT that we do not consider these tables as "individual counseling sessions". These tables are for stress management ideas, appropriate referrals, and overall CSI and MHA information sharing. 

- We will be making homemade "stress balls" as well as having bubbles. Flyers on how to create these and the supples needed will be provided.

2. In addition to the tables, we discussed creating workshops that will be created by CSI members with Dr. Miller and Dr. Barnes guidance and approval. Ideally the workshops will be geared towards a need that we feel will have the most impact with our student population: Stress Management. The workshop ideas that we discussed were: 

-  Having the workshops during class time in one of the nursing classes, with the approval of the professor. These could last an hour or hour and half, depending on needs and availability. 

- The workshops could look like this: Two or more students presenting by defining stress, explaining the function of stress, and talking about ways to manage the stress, as well as include a demonstration of breathing techniques, mindfulness activities, and/or progressive muscle relaxation techniques. 

- The workshops are something that future CSI members can build on and use in their activities, so keep that in mind. We want it to be useful, successful, and something that can be used by future members.

- We discussed how we can possibly create an experimental design to quantify the success of the program, but that may entail things that we don't have the time or manpower for, especially if we need to include the IRB. Further discussion to be held on this. 

3. We discussed the upcoming Inductions, to be held on May 20th at 1:00pm. RSVP on this website (Dr. Miller has emailed everyone a link). Induction information: 

- 22 members are eligible. Dr. Miller is sending out the emails. 

- Possible speaker was discussed and James Harris suggested an LPC that was active in the VCA legislative Day. He is emailing her an invitation. We may need ideas for a secondary in case she is unavailable that date. 

- The induction will be combined with a graduation party. This will increase our number of attendees, and simultaneously give us a chance to recognize our graduating members. (Congrats!!)

3. Although there is not a current incoming cohort this quarter, we could still go forth with developing a mentoring system for current students. This could also be a simple way to keep our alums active in CSI as well as create a better support network for all members of CSI. 

4. Keep your dues active! CSI dues are due for renewal annually, at a cost of $50. Although many of us are up for renewal, CSI has not sent any emails to remind us so it is our responsibility to log on and pay (There is a link on the right side of the screen on this website, in gold). It is unclear whether unpaid dues will keep you from graduating with your CSI tassel, but it is probable. In addition, your renewal dues allow CSI to fund activities and future CSI group memberships. If you would like to continue membership but are experiencing a hardship and cannot pay at the moment, please discuss this with Dr. Miller, Dr. Barner, Shannon Talley, or James Harris for other options. We do not want to lose ANY members because of this!

5. The next meeting is scheduled for 4/22 after seminar

The meeting commenced at 5:30pm

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Meeting Minutes 2/25/2017

Posted By Shannon Talley, Monday, April 3, 2017

CSI held a meeting on 2/25/2017 at 12:30pm and discussed the following:

1 . Checked in with members and discussed our own stress management techniques. 

2. We discussed the departure of a faculty member and whether we should throw a party or purchase a card for everyone to sign.

3. We discussed the drive we held. CSI collected and donated three boxes of winter coats and other necessities to "Committed 2 Reach", a non profit organization dedicated to supporting the at risk communities in Richmond. 

4. We opened the floor for any new business.

5. We scheduled the next meeting for 3/11/2017 (meeting was cancelled due to scheduling conflicts)

6. We discussed doing an "end of quarter" get together with members.

7. Bracelets have been ordered from CSI at no cost to students. Donated by current CSI presidents James Harris and Shannon Talley.

8. President James Harris discussed his attendance at the recent VCA legislation day

9. Discussed putting together survival kits for students to manage stress during exams.

10. Discussed new membership orientation for the upcoming quarter.

The meeting commenced at 12:55pm

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Meeting Minutes 11/5/16

Posted By Shannon Talley, Sunday, November 13, 2016

The meeting began at 12:15pm

1. The "GroupMe" app was shared as a way for all of CSI to stay informed with chapter events/needs.

2. The welcome reception for Dr. Torres-Rivera was discussed; to be held on 11/9/2016. South University is taking care of the expense of food from Chickfila as well as a cake. A welcome banner and presentation will be provided by CSI students. Chris Powell will be helping us to set up.

3. The Winter Drive was discussed: Due to the number of drives currently being ran, permission to run a campus-wide drive was not granted. We will have a smaller drive through CSI only. We will be putting a donation box in the Counseling lab requesting coats/hats/scarves/toiletries- new and gently used. The following beneficiaries were discussed: The site of one of our internships, such as the Community service board or detention center (care packages to be made with therapeutic messages attached), and a Powhatan organization. It was decided that the detention center will be our recipient pending their approval by December 15th. Any items that they cannot accept due to regulations will be donated to another need-based organization. 

4. Discussed current and future scholarship opportunities within CSI

5. Discussed working with an animal shelter to see if we can help out; maybe we can tie this in to pet therapy/mental health awareness.

6. We discussed the need for keeping our chapter page updated on the CSI website and for involvement.

7. We discussed getting T-shirts made, pending funding. Currently getting quotes from CSI for t-shirts with our chapter name and logo. 

8. We discussed goals for this year: Advocating out in the community and participating in VCA legislative day in January. Students expressed interest in this and we will create an updated plan once the date is formalized. Another goal discussed is creating a mentoring program for new students. Another goal discussed is attending a future seminar as a group or sending a few interested students, pending funding.

9. We discussed hosting a holiday party for CSI involvement

10. We discussed how to keep alumni active in CSI after graduating. 

11. We discussed putting together a "survival kit" for new students.

12. We discussed how we can set up a mentoring program that focuses on practicum/internship as well as post graduation and post licensure.

The meeting commenced at 12:55



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Meeting Minutes 10/22/2016

Posted By Shannon Talley, Sunday, November 13, 2016

The meeting began 10/22/2016 at 1:00pm with the necessity of officer selections for the upcoming year and discussion of selecting activities and events for community outreach.

Positions to be filled: President and Secretary/Treasurer

Ideas discussed for events: 

1. A social gathering to welcome our new faculty member Dr. Torres-Rivera

2. An evening social event with all cohorts

3. Volunteering; feeding the less fortunate; serve lunches/dinners

4. A Blanket/Coat drive

5. Multicultural Showcase during spring and summer

6. Putting together small workshops to talk about depression, manage stress, etc.

7. An evening event during finals weeks for de-stress (involve the school)

8. A spring fair for mental health with mental health activities, food, and other fin activities to stress awareness and CSI.

9. A social/holiday gathering in the student lounge 

10. Hold an interest meeting for new/incoming students after seminar in December

11. Address a need in rural areas/find out how we can help: i.e., shelters/drives for toiletries/etc

12. Outreach Committee creation: Alanna Dailey, Renee Gardner, Lynnay Lewis, Shannon Talley

Elected Officers: 

Shannon Talley and James Harris (Co presidents)

Rochelle Wilson (Secretary/Treasurer)

The meeting commenced at 1:45pm 


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