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Membership Processing Checklist
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Per the CSI Bylaws, Article 5, Section 1, "A committee of members including the Chapter Faculty Advisor shall ensure that at least annually nominations for membership are submitted to Headquarters of duly qualified and chapter approved candidates. Such candidates shall be individuals who exhibit high standards of personal and professional excellence and shall support the purposes of the Society."

The following checklist of procedures is provided to assure that new members of CSI are formally invited to membership, their applications are processed in a timely manner, and initiations are conducted in accordance with the policies and guidelines of the Society

Membership Processing Checklist for Chapters

Membership Processes


CFA obtains list of all students in the program with their GPAs after at least one full semester of study. This should not go to a student Membership Committee as it contains private student information. "Those who have a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or better on a scale of 4.0 and are deemed promising for endorsement as a professional counselor whose ethical judgment and behavior will be exemplary” (CSI Bylaws, Article 4.1).

Faculty input on the latter criteria may come from the programs’ regular review and retention policies & practices.

Every effort should be made to be proactive in all matters of diversity including encouraging leadership involvement among underrepresented populations.

CFA determines which students are eligible for membership. CFA meets with officers/membership committee to discuss endorsement. CFA & officers 
CFA and/or President writes personal letter of invitation to eligible students. Letters of invitation are required. A sample letter is included at A deadline for completion of applications is essential. The letter includes information about CSI dues ($50) and any applicable local chapter dues. CFA and/or President

Applicants go online to and complete application. Payment is required upon completion of the application and may be made on line using a credit or debit card or Paypal. Some chapters also require a check to the chapter for local dues. 

Each Monday an email is sent to Chapter Faculty Advisors with the names of new students who have applied and met preliminary screening criteria. CFA approval is required at that point prior to further member processing.

Prospective Applicants

Initiation Date Alert forms should be submitted as soon as you know your initiation date, and no less than three week prior to planned initiation.  We will verify your certificate order and mail certificates two weeks prior to your initiation.  If we can safely mail them, earlier, please let us know. 

If you submit your initiation date later, and if it is within two weeks of your planned initiation, we cannot guarantee that certificates will arrive in time for the initiation.  When students do not receive their certificates at the initiation they often contact CSI Headquarters in an attempt to obtain them.  This increases both our workload and yours substantially, as we always need to refer the students to their CFA's as we do not mail individual certificates to students.

If chapters request that we wait to mail certificate orders beyond the two week deadline, any increased postage charges will be the responsibility of the chapter.  If certificates are mailed two weeks in advance and do not arrive by two days prior to the initiation, CSI will cover the costs of overnight mailing of a replacement set of certificates.  If the chapter requested a later mailing date, or submitted the initiation date late, all increased postage costs for an additional mailing when needed, as well as the costs of the certificates and pins, will be paid for by the chapter.

Please open and verify all certificate orders the day they are received rather than waiting until your initiation date.  If you have questions, please contact

CSI Headquarters
The chapter maintains a list of students who have been invited to membership and checks of those who have applied. This list should be verified against the pending members list on line. CFA or Membership Chair/ Treasurer
CFAs have access to CSIs automated Member Management through > cfa > member management. The first link after logging in will provide a list of all members of the chapter who have joined since the chapter was established. This list is searchable on a number of fields and may be downloaded in part or whole at any time.

CFAs also have access to a second link in the Member Management portal which allows them to view all approved members and verify those who are pending for their initiations. CFA
Initiations are required for all members. Chapters must have an initiation at least once every two years to remain active and eligible for chapter rebates. Chapter officers & CFA
CSI sends an email "Congratulations” to applicants upon endorsement and approval by the chapter and CSI respectively. Please note that until the applicants are initiated by the chapter and taken an oath of membership, technically they are not members of CSI officially. Making provision for those who are incapable of physically attending the ceremony is essential. Some chapters include a signing of the membership oath as well as public oral acceptance. CSI Headquarters

An initiation is tantamount to an awards ceremony, i.e., recognition for academic excellence and promise as a professional counselor. Family, friends, faculty, partners, etc should be present to witness and celebrate with the new initiates. It should be planned as an academically solemn but celebratory occasion. Every new member has a right to expect such an occasion.

Chapter officers & CFA

Membership oath taking is an essential and required part of becoming a member. The format and language can be found on the Initiation of New Members page.

Chapter officers
Some chapters use this occasion to install new officers. View the ceremony script for the Installation of Officers. Chapter officers

CSI may be asked to assist with initiation speakers. View the Presenter Policy Procedures for details.

Chapter officers
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