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Elections 2013 - Kristopher Goodrich
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Secretary Candidate, Kristopher Goodrich


Dr. Kristopher Goodrich

Dr. Kristopher Goodrich is an Assistant Professor at the University of New Mexico. Kris has been an active member of CSI for over a decade, having served in a variety of leadership roles. Kris is currently the CFA for the Upsilon Nu Mu chapter, where he supported students in re-energizing their small chapter. Kris also helped co-found and serve as CFA for the Sigma Alpha Upsilon chapter at Southern Arkansas University. As a student, Kris was the founding Treasurer, President, and Awards Chair of the Sigma Upsilon chapter at Syracuse University. Kris was recognized for his strong commitment to professional identity, having been selected in 2008 as a CSI International Leadership Fellow. Kris currently serves as Chair of CSI’s Chapter Development Committee and as a member of CSI’s Strategic Planning Committee. He also wrote a grounded theory about CSI leaders with Dr. Melissa Luke, which was published in CES.

Goals Statement

I feel so incredibly honored to be nominated to run for the position of CSI’s Secretary-Elect. CSI has had such a powerful impact on my identity as a professional counselor, as my experiences within the organization have made tangible and transparent what it truly means to be a professional counselor, as presented throughout my entry-level education. As I have furthered my involvement with the organization, CSI has allowed me to form a number of meaningful relationships with others throughout the field of counseling. I can truly say that I would be a much different counselor and counselor educator, and perhaps a much different person, if not for my experiences as a member within CSI.

If I were to be elected to serve in the role of Secretary, I envision part of my role would be to continue the legacy of the organization with its rich tradition of developing, connecting, and promoting our shared identity as professional counselors. I believe much of this work moving forward will involve ongoing and continuous communication between the executive officers and our local chapters, where the majority of the work of our organization takes place. As Chair of the Chapter Development Committee for CSI, I have seen that on occasion, chapters can feel disconnected and alone, and not know of the many resources available to them through our international offices and the new website. As Secretary, I would see my role as a conduit of communication between the chapters and headquarters, to ensure our local leaders have the resources and support needed to fulfill their roles.

Further, as Secretary, I would have the responsibility for keeping and distributing accurate minutes for all meetings of the organization. As a person who has chaired, or co-chaired, committees within ALGBTIC and NFIN, I understand the importance keeping meeting minutes, and how they can be utilized to promote the work of organizations. Within those roles, I have often utilized my natural tendency to be detail focused, and served as a minutes keeper; thus I would gladly take on such role within CSI.

As CSI has more recently expanded their presence with a host of publications (e.g., the Exemplar, Journal of Counselor Leadership & Advocacy, CSI E-news, and CSI endorsed publications), if fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to serve, I anticipate that some of my focus will involve advocating for our publications to reflect the wide range of diversity found within our members; whether it be persons’ socially-constructed identities, sub-field of work/study, regional location, membership status, etc. I hope to expand the attention to members who may have not felt their voice represented within our organization, including culturally marginalized persons, professional members, and members across ACES regions.

CSI is an organization that has meant so very much to me for both my professional and personal development. If elected, I hope to use my term to further the organization, and the field of counseling, to celebrate the diversity of all our members and promote social justice within our field.

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