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Dr. Donna M. GibsonDonna Gibson
Editor, CSI Exemplar

Omega Lambda Iota Chapter
Virginia Commonwealth University

Dr. Casey A. Barrio MintonCasey Barrio Minton
Editor, Journal of Counseling Leadership and Advocacy (JCLA

Rho Kappa Chapter
University of North Texas

Barbara MahaffeyDr. Barbara Mahaffey
Senior Editor, Counselors' Bookshelf

Alpha Chapter
Ohio University

Bradley McKibbenDr. W. Bradley McKibben
Associate Editor, CSI Exemplar

Rho Chapter
University of Alabama-Tuscaloosa

Melissa LukeDr. Melissa Luke
Associate Editor, Journal of Counseling Leadership and Advocacy (JCLA)

Sigma Upsilon Chapter
Syracuse University

Mr. Christian ChanChristian Chan
Counselors' Bookshelf Section Editor, Movies and Television Shows

Rho Theta Chapter
The George Washington University

Dr. Matt GlowiakMatt Glowiak
Counselors' Bookshelf Section Editor, Books That Help Me Become a Better Counselor

Omega Zeta Chapter
Walden University

Adrianne JohnsonDr. Adrianne Johnson
Counselors' Bookshelf Section Editor, Professional Books

Omega Chapter
Wright State University

Dr. Tiffany Stoner-HarrisTiffany Stoner-Harris
Counselors' Bookshelf Section Editor, Bibliotherapy Resources

Xi Chapter
Western Illinois University

Dr. Hayley StulmakerHayley Stulmaker
Counselors' Bookshelf Section Editor, Music

Rho Kappa Chapter
University of North Texas

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